Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Weekend and The Backyard Makeover Revealed!

So it is finished. The backyard has been completely made over and it looks amazing. I have to give a HUGE thanks to Scott and J for pretty much doing it all. They worked so hard and I am SO grateful and Addi is too that we have a beautiful backyard for her to play in. Thank you to Josh for putting together the whole playset by himself! Also thank you to the many people that came out and helped us clear out branches, lay sod and fill the playground with pea gravel. We have amazing friends and I am so thankful for all of you! Now on to the pictures!


This is where the playground sits.


We LOVE it and everything looks so lush and green! I still can't believe it's our backyard! We have been playing out there for hours every day. I think I am having as much fun as Addi is. :)

Friday's are our "lazy" days. We usually don't get out except to go get lunch at Chikfila. This Friday was no exception. Grandpa, Lila, Emma and Dustin came to see us on their way to Austin. Addi had to show them her sliding skills.

We went and ate at this new sushi place for dinner called, Papa Sushi. I personally think sushi is super gross, but Josh said it was very good and they do a happy hour type thing where you get a discount on rolls and stuff. Josh got 26 pieces of sushi for $12. It's where Koto used to be on Chenal if any of you local people are wondering. After dinner, we played for just a little bit more before Addi went to bed.

I LOVE her denim ruffle pants. I am debating whether or not to put them in my shop because the denim is way more expensive than cotton and I think Fran is just about done with ruffle pants. Haha! I was talking to her about summer designs and she requested a break from the ruffles. :)

Addi had her first peep. Not a fan.

We went and ate brunch at the House. It was really good. We usually eat at Milford, but wanted to change it up. Josh was such a good sport and drove me to Fresh Market, Sonic and then Stitchin Post. Such a good husband. :) That night for dinner we grilled burgers and corn. SO yum!

I stayed up till an obscene hour Saturday night working on orders. Sheesh! I didn't go to bed till 4:30 and I'm still not done. I had this great plan to finish everything that night, but I also had to make glorious cinnamon rolls for the Ronald McDonald House. Our church did a day of service this morning and brought breakfast to them. Josh actually took them because I was a zombie this morning and Addi has had a weird cough the past few days and I just thought it best we kept our germs at home.

I made this cute shirt for a customer who had a daughter that was turning one on Easter.

We played outside most of the morning and then had a little picnic.

We all took naps and it was wonderful. Once we woke up we headed to the Blooms Festival at Wildwood Park. I got to meet Niki in person! Haha. We are friends on twitter, but we've never met so I was explaining to Josh on the way there how she's my friend, but this would be our first time to meet. He was a little confused and weirded out, but men just don't understand the blog/twitter world! :)

I thought Addi looked like such a southern belle with her smocked bubble and jumbo sized bow. I just adore having a little girl to dress up.

The festival was fun. We got there kind of late so most of the activities had already passed. We did get to participate in a cupcake walk, and Addi won a cupcake! We were sitting by the lake area and of course, Addi wanted in. We took turns walking over there with her, except when I went with her once there was a massive goose that hissed at us. Not cool! I yanked Addi up and took off running. She pinched me and then threw herself on the ground because she wanted to play with the goose apparently.

She also kept trying to touch the huge bumblebees on the flowers. Scared me to death. I am working on trying not to freak out in front of her when there is a bug or something because I don't really want her to be one of those people that flip out if they see a bug (like me.) Haha!

It was a GREAT weekend and full of fun family things. I am exhausted though. I am hitting the hay early and I will hopefully be done with ALL my orders tomorrow night. We have a busy week coming up with a few playdates, one at our house which I am so excited about and then Josh's birthday!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Your backyard looks AWESOME! Where did you get your play ground? (If you don't mind me asking:) I also loooved the denim ruffle pants!

  2. Wow! Your yard and playground look AMAZING! I can't wait to check it out in person on Thursday!!!
    And now I want a cinnamon roll in the worst way. :)

  3. WOW! It all looks great! Yall have a really nice and big back yard. BTW... LOVE that bee bow ;)

  4. I can't wait to check it out! See you tomorrow and everything looks AWESOME!!!!


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