Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Weekend

To start off, this weekend was not our best. Josh went on a fishing trip to South Arkansas with some med school buds and Addi got sick while he was gone. Saturday night, I laid Addi down around 8:30 like normal and she slept for maybe an hour and woke up crying really hard. I went and got her because it didn't sound like a "normal" cry and sure enough, she was running a fever and had a runny nose. I gave her Tylenol and Benadryl and we played and watched TV for a little while longer. I laid her back down around 10 and she stayed asleep for another hour then woke up again. Repeat. Except this time she wasn't going back down. I put her in my bed and she actually went to sleep! Of course, I didn't because I was staring at her the whole time thinking, "Is Addi asleep in my bed?" Haha! I just wanted to savor every moment because she hasn't done that in ages and it might be a while before she does it again. Anyways, so after about 30 minutes of sleep she woke up to PLAY. Oh my word, she was amped. She kept pointing to my eyes and saying, "eye." And then saying, "go?" Haha. So we went and watched Mickey Mouse and ate a snack. Then, the scariest thing happened. Her fever went from 99 to 102 in a matter of 40 minutes. She was also trembling really bad and her heart was beating SO fast. By the way, it was probably 2 in the morning and I tried to call Josh, but they were in the backwoods and he wasn't getting any reception. I was worked up because I was scared out of my mind, I couldn't get ahold of Josh, I also called Kyle and Josh's mom, neither answered at first. Josh's mom called me back and said Addi's body was trying to get her fever down which was probably causing the trembling. I finally got her fever down and poor thing was SO exhausted she crashed at 3 and slept till 11. I am calling her ped in the morning to figure out about the rapid heartbeat.

So anyways....onto the fun part of our weekend!

On Saturday, Addi was really into spinning around in circles. She must have done this for a good portion of the day. She was cracking herself up!

We went to Copeland's that night for dinner with Jeanette, Dustin and Tye. Oh my word, it was delicious, but it took all of us to keep Addi entertained. She was OVER IT! Haha. I suggest if you go to get the spinach dip appetizer or the crawfish bread app. They are both so yum.

This was during the 10 p.m. wakeup. Watching the Harry Potter marathon! Sweet!

During the 2 a.m. wakeup. You can tell she doesn't feel good.

Today was GORGEOUS!!! We went outside and played for a majority of the day.

We also had a little fashion show.

By the way, sweet Ashley from For This Child I Prayed made the bow. She is so talented and can make a bow to match any outfit!

Addi was so excited that Dixie sat by her on the swing. But two seconds later, she scolded her then pushed her off. I tried so hard not to laugh, because she has been a little rough with Dixie lately, so I tell her to be sweet to Dixie and she just laughs and usually says no-no. Oh me.

Addi was pretty fussy the whole evening. Thankfully, she has been asleep for awhile now, so I am praying it stays that way!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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  1. Poor Addi girl! I hope she is feeling better...?
    We had the same thing happen Saturday night...we were up every three hours to medicate because his temp started out at 104. It never went below 102 until Sunday morning! UGH! It was exhausting! Maybe we all got the same "bug" at our play date last week...? :( Poor babies...


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