Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! We got to see lots of friends, do lots of fun things and eat great food all weekend. Friday, we had a little visitor by the name of Ava come over! Ava is two weeks old and is just the most precious little baby girl. I got to hold her and she was just so teeny!!! I can't believe that Addi used to be that size. Oh me, this surely didn't help with the baby fever! Haha! And Addi just LOVES babies these days so she was very excited that Ava came to play. As soon as they walked in, Addi just started saying "baby!" over and over again. It was so sweet. Then she would stick her head in the carseat and lay her head on Ava and go "ohhh" it was cracking me up. Also, she was very helpful with making sure Ava had her paci, and offering Ava her bottle. Haha!

After they left, Addi and Dixie had some good play time together. And yes, Addi is still in her pj's! We've gotten into a bad habit these days of not getting dressed and just being lazy! So easy to do in the winter months, but we need to get it in gear this week, because we have A LOT do do.

We went to Texarkana that night to visit with Mur and Granddad before they left on their cruise! We ate Mexican food for dinner and it was so good.

When we got back to the house, Addi watched some golf while eating crackers. Multi-tasking at it's best.

Then it was bath time! Apparently, when Josh was a little boy, his favorite thing to do at Mur and Granddad's was to take a bath in their HUGE tub and play with color changing legos. Addi enjoyed it very much too, until she got a little too relaxed...I'll let you guess what happened. :)

We had a time getting Addi to bed that night, but we finally did around 11:30. Good thing is, she slept till 10:30 the next morning. We got ready and went to meet our friends, Whitney and Andrew, and their precious kids! I didn't get any pictures from lunch, because there was a giant sandbox next to our table (we sat outside because it was GORGEOUS!) that was very tempting to two little girls! I finally got to see little Cade!!! He is just the sweetest little thing!!! We went back to their house after lunch to play and the girls had such a great time.

Eden was so helpful with washing the windows. :)

And Addi definitely stuck her finger in Cade's mouth. Mortified!

We also watched a little bit of Despicable Me! It was our first time to see it, and it was hilarious. Josh was very popular with the kids. :)

Isn't he just the sweetest!

We had to get back, because we went to celebrate Carson's birthday with some friends that night. Emma came down to watch Addi for us! We had SO much fun at dinner.

Addi had another late night and didn't go to bed till midnight. :( I knew we would probably be missing church and it made me really sad! Since the holidays, we have not had consistent church attendance, so we definitely need to work on that. :) But, we did have a fun afternoon just relaxing and spending time together.

Oh and here is Addi's new toy, Emma and Grandpa picked that out!

I decided to put my Valentine's decorations out tonight. I love them!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

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  1. We've been pretty lazy lately too, though *your* version of lazy makes mine look really, really (really) lazy!! Looks like you guys had a packed weekend of fun!
    CUTE valentine decorations. :)


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