Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's been awhile..

Hi everyone! I hope y'all had a great weekend! We had a wonderful one that was extended because Josh got off for MLK day! We really didn't do much this weekend, which I can't say it enough, is so nice. Come this spring, I'll probably be itching to be busy again, but probably not. :) We ate lunch at Milford on Saturday, excellent as always. I made a couple of baby gifts over the weekend, plus a couple of shirts. I had a bad night on Friday with my machine. It seemed like everything I did would turn out wrong. Embroidery can be VERY frustrating sometimes. Thankfully, it's been great ever since then, which is good because my nerves were shot! Haha! So, here are just some random pictures from this weekend.
One of Addi's favorite things is to put my glasses on and walk around. I think it makes her feel a little "grownup". She looks like she's saying, "really?" Oh me, I dread the teenage years. :)

I made this for a sweet little baby girl for a shower we had at our house Monday night. More on that later. I may make Addi one too, because she is obsessed with the tag on her cow.

This is an outfit from India that one of Josh's co-workers brought back. I LOVE it!!! I've been fascinated with Indian fashion lately, I love all the jewel tones and sequins. I might wear a sari to the chocolate ball. We shall see!

So, last night, we had a dinner party/baby shower for one of Josh's co-workers. The baby is now 6 weeks old, but better late than never! We did an Italian themed pot luck and it was so yum. I made regular lasagna and spinach artichoke dip lasagna, plus cupcakes. We also had bruschetta and caprese salad. It was a feast.

Oh and I now officially have baby fever. It didn't help that Lucia was such a good baby and hardly made a peep, but I got to feed her and hold her for some of the night. Addi wasn't jealous at all, she would walk over and look at Lucia and then continue what she was doing. Haha!

Sweet sleepy Lucia.

For dessert, we gave Addi a cup of whipped cream since she apparently no longer likes cupcakes. :(

Today, we didn't do much. Addi is having some sleep issues at the moment, I think due to teething, but last night she woke up at 1:30 and didn't go back down till 4. We missed our Bible class this morning, but I didn't want the first time taking her to a different nursery to be on four hours of sleep. So, we just rested and finished up on a couple of projects.
This shirt is for Tamra, and her Addison is wearing a similar pettiskirt like that one. I've decided Addi needs to have a matching shirt too. :)

We ran to Old Navy this afternoon and I laughed so hard, because Addi was loving this little dog. She kept walking up to it and patting it. SO cute.

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that shirt and petti-coat!!!!!!!

  2. I love love the shirt!!! So so cute!!! And I am so excited to spend some time with you!!! And Addi and those glasses is just too funny!!!

  3. Lily used to be obsessed with that Old Navy dog too. :)
    And that shirt and pettiskirt is precious!

  4. What a cute outfit! The spinach dip lasagna sounds so yummy! I hope you post that on the recipe blog soon! :)


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