Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas!

So yesterday, me and my sweet little pumpkin head were reunited. And it was good. Addi was excited to see me so that made me glad that she hadn't forgotten about me! I'm telling ya, a lot of things go through my head these days. Anyways, so I thought I would win her over even more by giving her the forbidden fruit...blueberries. For some reason, blueberries give Addi HORRIBLE diaper rash. Now, before you think I'm a horrible mom, wait just a second. Blueberries happen to be Addi's most favorite fruit EVER. She loves these things. So, as a preemptive strike, I have started putting a heavy duty layer of diaper rash cream in hopes that will keep the rash away. So far it has worked! Yay blueberries!

Also, Addi is getting her molars...I think. I actually had to ask someone where molars were, so who knows, but she is for sure teething! Evidence? Waking up at midnight and not going back to bed till 2 or later. I am worn out. I also thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and finish ALL of our Christmas shopping today. Why? No clue. But, incredibly glad to be done! Here is Addi's OOTD (outfit of the day). Get used to this because she will be wearing a different Christmas outfit everyday from here on out.

It's got a sweet little snowman on the bottom of it.

And pretty little lacey sleeves.

This is what Addi did when I first tried to take a picture of her outfit.

So after our epic shopping journey, which I have to add Addi did great on, we came back home for naps! Well, for Addi. I swept off our front porch so I could take a picture to show y'all! Here it is!!!

Yes, we need to paint it and our yard needs to be raked DESPERATELY! But, I think it looks great for being put up in a day by three dudes who are handy with some power tools.

After her nap, Addi got a little visitor by the name of Rylan! Rylan's momma needed to go to a lunch thing so we got to play! I'm sad we didn't get to keep snuggly Max too, but maybe next time!

Rylan really likes Buzz. He told me several times. :)

Addi really likes Rylan.

Poor Rylan. After Addi calmed down a little, and got used to the fact that there was a boy in the house, they played together just fine. We all had a little afternoon snack of chocolate chip cookies too! Hope that's okay Sara! Haha!

Oh and Addi liked Rylan so much, she took 12 steps in a row! That's right! She walked to something! You don't know how excited I was! I know she can walk, but I'm just ready for her to make the transition of going from crawling to full time walking.

Tonight for dinner, we tried something new. We went to Lilly's DimSum Then Some. It was so good! The food was presented beautifully and we will be back soon. There were several things that we wanted to try! Addi was a toot all through dinner, but I mean what toddler will sit through a whole dinner quiet and still? Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!


  1. So sad we missed out on the Addi/Rylan fun! Such cute pics!

  2. The picture of you trying to take a picture of her outfit? Hilarious! Connor does that everyday when I start to change his diaper! Also, it cracks me up how much she loves boys! So cute!


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