Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Back....For Tonight

So it's been a pretty busy week. We got back from Tunica this afternoon and spent a couple hours in Searcy. Josh and I are both going out of town tomorrow, he is going hunting, and I'm going to Branson!!! Yes, part three of my anniversary present. I am kinda sad to be leaving Addi again, but I know that I will have a great time and she will be in good hands. My Aunt Vicki is coming to stay the weekend and watch her. They always have a fun time! I just warned my aunt, she is definitely coming into her toddler-hood so be prepared! Haha!
So here is what our week has looked like!

Addi learned how to use a spoon! She usually LOVES yogurt, but lately has not wanted me to feed her, can we say strong willed child? Anyways, so I just gave her the spoon and the bowl and she went to town! She did get messy, but not as messy as I thought she would. She had pretty good control!

We also went out to dinner with Grandpa and Lila! We went to Bravo in the Chenal Promenade. We were also reminded of why we haven't been out to dinner with Addi in a long time. :)


We saw Wicked!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!

We all wore green to fit in. Haha!


We left for Tunica! That night we ate the Paula Deen buffet. Oh my goodness, we made ourselves SICK. It was so good!

For lunch we went into Memphis and checked out this place called Alcenia's. It was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives AND Best thing I ever ate. This place had the BEST soul food I have ever eaten. When you come in, you get a hug from one of the three ladies that run the place. You are then called, "baby" and "child" and it's like being in your grandma's kitchen, if your grandma was a southern black lady.

They had the traditional daily special with choice of two vegetables.

I got fried chicken and mac and cheese. Josh got catfish. Delicious! It was seriously the best fried chicken ever. We got a piece of pecan pie for dessert. Oh my word it was good!

I missed Addi so much! I was glad to get back and love on her. I'm getting kinda nervous of how much I'm going to miss her this weekend. Pray for me y'all!!!

Oh and we got this shirt in today too. :)

Hope y'all have had a great week!!!

Oh and p.s. my blog looks AWFUL right now, but it's in the middle of getting a makeover from Leslie at Sweetie Baby's! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!


  1. So fun!
    And I'm pretty sure I'd kill (or at least seriously maim) for a piece of that pecan pie....
    CUTE turkey shirt!

  2. Looks like yall had so much fun! And as for the feeding thing.... Hannah doesnt want me to feed her either. It can be sooo frustrating trying to just let them be independent.

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