Sunday, October 24, 2010

Razorback Weekend!

This weekend we went up to Fayetteville for the Hogs game! Friday night, we ate at this amazing burger place called Burger Life. You could basically design your own burger, even up to the bun! It was so good. I got a angus beef burger on a brioche bun, vermont white cheddar cheese, lettuce, fried onion strings and new orleans remoulaude. Yum!!!

Addi did excellent on the ride up. We did have to put Nemo in for the last 30 minutes, but after that she was great! She even slept all night for us! I was so surprised considering she hasn't been sleeping at home, but it was so nice to get 8 hours! Yay Addi!

Saturday, we dressed Addi in her Hogs outfit and headed to Janelle's parent's house. Her mom and dad were so nice to watch the girl's while we went to the game!

Trying to get a pic with the girl's. Didn't work out so well! Haha!

Hadley and Addi matched for the game!

I think they had a lot of fun playing together!

The game was interesting....

1. We sat WAYYY high up in the stands. A little too high if you ask me! I am deathly afraid of heights and was nervous until I made Josh sit in front of me.

2. After halftime the announcer came over the stadium to say that there was severe weather with hail coming and it was 10 miles away. It was already sprinkling a little and I could see lightning in the distance. I got seriously freaked out and me and Josh moved to inside right before everybody cleared out. As soon as we got out in the hallway we were basically stuck. So many people were taking cover there from the rain, I just felt trapped. Not a good feeling! We decided to leave after the rain quit and I'm glad we did because as soon as the game started back the game was delayed again!

We went and got Addi and we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for an early dinner. It was so much fun! It's always a production when there are two kids involved, but I think all the other tables enjoyed the entertainment the girl's provided! Haha!

I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend with y'all! We miss you like crazy!!!

We headed home after dinner and Addi again did great! She slept for part of the time, but still went to bed and slept all night again! Yay!!! We found out her other front tooth has broken in, so I think she is feeling much better!

Today, we enjoyed spending time together as a family. We went and got bagels at Panera for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day napping and watching football.

We had some friends over tonight for dinner. Josh grilled out and it was great! Oh and apparently there was a tornado close to us tonight! Josh left to go to Kroger and as soon as he left the tornado sirens started going off! Scary and I was worried to death! I'm glad we only got rain.

Addi was being so funny tonight. She has started shaking her head no when she does something she's not supposed to. So tonight, she was throwing her food down to Dixie and then shaking her head and saying no. What am I going to do with her? Haha!

We have fun week planned! We have got two Halloween parties to go to and Addi will be wearing all her Halloween outfits this week! I'm so excited!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

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  1. Such a fun weekend!
    And I love that last pic where there's a big strawberry on your iPhone. :) Mine's eternally gooey and sticky, and *somebody* dropped a giant blob of ice cream on it in Jason's Deli a couple weeks back....


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