Sunday, October 31, 2010


This weekend has been crazy! We have packed in so many fun things in one weekend, I think we are all exhausted!

We went to a Halloween play date with our playgroup! Addi was last minute cheerleader? I really don't know, I hadn't finished her ladybug tutu and I found that jersey that was Emma's and the cute little leggings. I thought she was pretty adorable!

Addi discovered this car and stayed in in the entire play date. I think I know what she's getting for Christmas!!!

Addi is trying to talk Lily into letting her push her in the car.

Sweet birthday girl Lily.

I'm telling y'all she was in this the whole time!

Sweet Harper!

When we got home, I gave Addi a Halloween cupcake. She wasn't really into it, but she thought it was hilarious to let preggers lick her fingers.

Addi and I had a girl's night on Friday evening. Josh was out with the guys so we stayed in and watched Nemo and went to bed embarrassingly early.

Addi stood a lot by herself and even picked up things and stood with them. Just walk already Addi! :)

We went to lunch at Milford Track! We have missed this place!

Addi got a really yummy fruit cup. She's so healthy! I'm trying to give her cupcakes, but all she wants is fruit!

We went to Searcy after lunch and got ready for our Halloween party. Addi LOVED talking on this phone. It was hilarious! Fran babysat her Saturday night for us, and she said the phone rang and she heard Addi over the monitor go "hello?" Hilarious!!!

She loves Libby!

Lily's Birthday Party!!! Michelle had the cutest Halloween decorations and crafts. Everything was absolutely perfect!!! Again, Addi was supposed to be a ladybug, but I forgot to wash her black undershirt and totally left the wings I was going to borrow in Searcy. I'm losing my brain!!!

After the party, we met up with Josh's family and went to Five Guys for a quick dinner. So yum!

Then we took all the kids trick or treating! Addi had a great time just walking around the neighborhood. We decided to head home kinda early since we were all pretty tired. I vowed next year that Addi would actually have a real costume! Haha!

Hope y'all had a great Halloween!!!


  1. I love those babylegs with the tulle. Did you make those or get them off etsy? I saw some on etsy and wanted to get them. Think I'll make Ava some for Christmas. And our weekend was jam packed as well. Tomorrow will be a pj day for sure!! Love all the pics:)

  2. LOVE Addi's costume; you did sooo good girl!!!

  3. So happy you guys got to come to Lily's bday party! Truth be told, I don't remember a lot about it. :) I was soooo stressed & exhausted. Had no idea a kid's party could take that much out of a mama! Oh, and I've got lots of cute Addi pics to send you. Soon!


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