Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Me and Addi had a fun day today! This morning, Addi played with Aunt Rhen some while I got showered and ready. Addi LOVES this exercise ball!
Oh and disregard the state of my living room, we played pretty hard this morning!

We then met up with Nicki, and her son Thomas at the Rhea Lana consignment sale! Thomas is a few weeks younger than Addi, and he is precious! I absolutely LOVE the consignment sales around here. I plan on going to a few more, and then Addi should be set till the spring!

Addi shopped till she dropped!

After shopping, we went to Mimi's to eat lunch. I forgot to take a picture, but I got the 5 way grilled cheese. It was so good. On the outside of the bread, they had dipped it in like an egg wash probably and then in parmesan and seared it, so it had a cheesy crust on the outside. And then I dipped it in ranch. Oh yum! I had so much fun talking and laughing with you Nicki! We should do it again soon!

Here is what we got at the sale.

I'm thinking about putting Addi's monogram on the orange jumper dress.

Addi took a long nap this afternoon and when she got up, she was in such a spunky little mood, I had to get a couple of pictures of her!

I tried to get a pic of me and Addi, but she would rather grab the camera.

And one with Addi and Dixie!

Addi was making this face tonight, because she could hear Josh unlocking the front door, but she was just waiting to see who it was.

Addi is looking at Dixie in this one like, "Hey! Back off dog, he's my Daddy!"

That was our day! Hope y'all had a great Wednesday!


  1. Wow!! what a busy day!! LOVE Addi's green summer dress :)

  2. She is just so precious, what a great smile! Love your finds for that you got! It's fun shopping for and with girls!

  3. You are always doing so many fun things! I love it! You need to come back down this way and induldge me in some shopping... perhaps Shreveport? HAHA! Ok, so I gave you another blog award. LOL! Go check it out!

  4. You have a beautiful family! And just reading the tagline of your blog made me laugh. I'm definitely following! (found you through Bloggy Moms). Hope you'll follow back!

    Thank you!


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