Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding Weekend Part 1

So Josh's mom got married this weekend, and we had a blast with all of his family that came into town! On Friday afternoon, we headed up to Searcy and our first stop was a kid's consignment sale. Thank you Josh for stopping! Haha. Kyle stayed in the car with Addi, and Josh even came in to help me pick out stuff. We found a couple of things for Addi, but it was the last day of the sale so a lot of it had been picked over. Here is what we got.

We headed to the hotel after that to meet up with everyone and swim and eat pizza!

After our swim, we headed to Froyo to get some frozen yogurt. Addi was soooo tired at this point, but she was loving that Kaylie was giving her bites of frozen yogurt. That is until Addi got a brain freeze!

She was not happy! Poor little thing! We went back to the hotel after that little incident. This was also Addi's first time in a hotel!

That night Addi was cracking us up because she would hold the phone to her hear and yell and then hand it to Josh. So cute!

We finally got Addi to bed around 11, and she slept pretty good that night, and woke up around 9 on Saturday.

To be continued!

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