Monday, August 9, 2010

Muffin Playdate!

Today, Addi and I hosted a play group at our house! The theme was Muffin Monday and we each brought a different type of muffin. I made PW's French Breakfast Puffs. They turned out a little dry, so if you make them, make sure you have a glass of milk nearby! We also had cinnamon rolls and banana nut muffins that were delicious. And gluten-free chocolate chip muffins that were yummy! Michelle, I promise they really were good! :) It was my first time eating something gluten free and I honestly couldn't tell a difference. Addi tried a little bit of everything, but her favorite was the banana nut muffin.

Addi waved and said "Hi!" to everyone who came in, just like a good hostess! Dixie barked and probably scared all the kids that came to the front door. But regardless, all the kids had a great time!

I got to hold sweet little Adalie and she is so precious! It makes me want another baby!

We moved to Addi's room at one point and that's where the real fun started!

Rylan wanted in on the fun too!

We broke out Addi's Halloween costume from last year, and had a little photo shoot. I don't think I have to tell you that Addi did NOT like this lamb hat.

All better...

Watching some videos with Lily!

We all started wondering what time it was when all the kids started melting down. It was almost 3! We were having so much fun, we didn't even realize it had gotten that late. I got Addi down for a nap shortly after everyone left, but accidentally woke her up about 30 minutes into it. She was still in a great mood though!

We cleaned up and watched Nemo until Josh got home. For dinner I made what is called a "taco ring." Josh has been asking me to make it ever since he had it at a friend's mom's house a couple of years ago. It was so good, so easy and so cheap to make! I posted it over here.
Thank you to everyone who came over today and hung out! We had so much fun!!!


  1. We had a fabulous time, and Addi was an exceptional hostess! Gluten-free muffins most definitely aren't as good as REAL ones, but I was hoping that if I just shoved enough chocolate stuff in there, you wouldn't notice its wheat-free-ness. :) And I didn't think about the fact that you'd take a picture of the spread (silly me), or I soooo would've dusted off an actual serving platter or something instead of bringing tupperware. :) Oops. On a happy note, I normally just grab something at Sam's or Krispy Kreme for all my mommy brunch needs, so this is a big improvement for me. BIG.

  2. What a great idea!!! Looks like you guys had such a fun time!!


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