Thursday, July 1, 2010

Orange Leaf and an American Sweetie

Last night Addi woke up every three hours. It was not fun. I finally just brought her to bed with me because I was too tired to sit and try and rock her back to sleep. I really really don't like teething! On a brighter note, we had a really fun girl's night on Wednesday! I can't believe I forgot my camera! We ate at Bravo's and then walked over to see Eclipse! It was amazing! I really want to see it again.
So this morning, Addi had an appointment at the nutrition center for a brain lab repeat. Sister girl was exhausted from her lack of sleep the previous night and she would not wake up for anything. We were changing her diaper and she was still asleep! We couldn't believe it. After our little scan, we ran by Starbucks to get mommy some much needed coffee, and then went home so Addi could nap. She woke up in a great mood and just in time to see Sarah and Weston! Addi and Weston played for a little bit before we went to lunch. Weston is walking!!! I can't believe it. Addi was upset with him for walking when she was still crawling. Ha!
We went to Panera for lunch and Addi and Weston did VERY good!

After lunch, we walked over to this new frozen yogurt place called Orange Leaf. It is so cool! They have a variety of frozen yogurt and you just fill up your cup and then go to the toppings area and then they weigh it and you pay by ounce. I got original tart with fruity pebbles! It was so good!
We said goodbye to Sarah and Weston and headed to Hobby Lobby. I got some fall-ish fabric to start on Addi's autumn wardrobe! I met the sweetest girl while I was waiting on my fabric. She is pregnant and has the same due date as I did (September 26th) and is naming her little girl Charlotte and calling her Charlie! So neat! She is just learning how to sew also and gave me some cute ideas for hairbows.
After our little HL trip we came back home and had a photo shoot on the back deck. Addi has four fourth of July outfits, so this is #1.

Addi took a good nap that afternoon while I laid on the couch and watched reruns of the Office. Love that show! For dinner we went to Maddie's Place again with Michele! Addi had a great time eating lemons, crackers and fries.

I was a little embarrassed because Addi kept yelling at this table of men. She dropped her sippy cup on the floor and one of them turned around to give it to her and it was our attorney general, Dustin McDaniel!

Addi just cheesed at him and they flirted for a little bit, oh my goodness. We just had to laugh. When we got home we let Addi burn off some energy and just let her play in the living room for awhile. Josh sang her Disney songs and we both decided we need to start working on her disney movie collection. I'm so excited!
Oh and another funny thing, Addi and Dixie were playing tug of war and keep away with this little giraffe and Addi crawled up to Dixie and said her name! We were in shock again and then just laughed.

We are hoping that Addi will sleep through the night, but I'm not really getting my hopes up! It's not as bad this time around because I know it will pass. Tomorrow we have a BUSY day so I need the rest! We have a playdate in the morning, lunch with a friend, a visit from my aunt and at some point I need to get the Tahoe from Searcy and get us packed for Texarkana! Ha! Hope y'all had a great day!

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