Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bite Night Part Deux and Random Thursday Happenings

Hi everyone! We had another successful supper club last night! We ate WAY to much because the food was WAY good and our guests didn't leave till 11:30, because of all the fun! Yay!
The theme was Italian and I had the main course. I made Pioneer Woman's lasagna and my own version of lasagna that was basically chicken lasagna with layers of spinach artichoke dip. Honestly, I was a little worried because I was just throwing things in a bowl and praying they turned out good. Haha! But it was SO good. I think it helped there was probably two pounds of cheese in each of the lasagnas.

We also had yummy bruschetta, "homemade" bread, salad and a very delicious and unique layer cake made by Treece! It really was yummy.

After dinner, Josh made cappuccinos! Us girls talked and the boys played this game called dorkball. Which basically consisted of them running full speed around the pool table while rolling one pool ball into another. It was hilarious to watch. I'm really sad I didn't get any pictures!

Addi didn't sleep so well last night. She woke up around 2 and didn't go back to sleep till 3, and Josh said she woke up every hour, but I guess I didn't hear her. So I was dragging today! I had two lattes and they did nothing! But, Cassie came and hung out with us today! We hadn't seen her in awhile so it was so much fun to catch up. We ate lunch with Landon at McAlister's. Josh couldn't get away from work. :( After lunch, we came home and put Addi down for a nap and just sat and talked. It was so nice! Sister woke up in a cranky mood so we tried our best to keep her entertained for the rest of the afternoon!

Another random thing, when Carson lived with us, anytime anyone came in our house he would yell, "DIXIE ORANGE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!" and she learned that orange alert means someone is here, attack! Well, Dixie's version of attacking is licking your toes, so she's not at all scary. But, today I calmly said, "Dixie, orange alert." And she bolted for the front door and sat there just waiting for someone! It was hilarious!

For dinner we had homemade pizza. I've gotten really good at throwing things together last minute and them turning out edible. All these things were in our fridge or pantry. It was tomatoes that Josh's grandma had canned, and I just added Italian seasonings and red pepper flakes, Canadian bacon, pepperoni and Monterey jack cheese. We loved it. Addi loved the canadian bacon too!

Josh and I are planning on going to bed VERY early tonight! Ha! I hope y'all had a great day!

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  1. Ashley that chicken lasagna with spinach artichoke dip sounds FABULOUS! I'm going to have to try it! Your little girl is precious! Have a great week!


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