Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well Addi has started teething again. How do we know? Ha. Well for starters, last night she woke up at 10:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 1:00, even after repeated rockings and attempted crying it out's. She is also chewing her fingers and she's just not her regular self. Ugh, I hope this passes soon!
We did have a pretty good day in spite of her and mommy being a little tired! Today was our day to run errands so after Addi's nap we went by Josh's lab and ate a quick lunch with him. All the girl's just loved her! Yes those are curly fries, Addi LOVED them! Josh's grandma made that dress for her, I really want to get it monogrammed!

We went to this new store called Charming Charlie to get a gift card for one of our friends. That store is so awesome! It's tons and tons of accessories, purses, shoes and clothes that are super cute and categorized by color. It's also surprisingly not expensive which is the best part! We made a trip to Wal-mart and by the time we were leaving the parking lot, Addi was out!
This afternoon, Addi was walking around with her little push toy and she was walking pretty fast and once she hit the rug, she took a tumble over the toy and flipped the toy with her. It scared the living daylights out of me! I was sitting right there so I jerked her up and held her really close just anticipating the loudest cry, but she didn't! She just looked at me kinda in shock and was like, umm mom put me down I wanna keep playing!

Addi has also gotten to be a little diva when she doesn't get what she wants! She was trying to get my phone that I had put out of her reach and just started crying and banging her hands on the table because she couldn't get it! Then gave me this little face!

Addi loves looking at these flash cards, I wanna know what she's thinking so bad!

We had this for dinner! I just used things we had in the pantry and fridge. It's pasta with tomato cream sauce, roasted chicken and a bread crumb parmesan topping. It was very good!

I am going to see Eclipse tomorrow and I can't wait!!! Hope y'all had a good day!

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