Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Addi's Visit to the Nutrition Center!

When I was pregnant with Addi, my friend Elizabeth told me about a nutrition study that Children's was doing for babies. She works with the study and I thought it would be really neat! The study is comparing breast-fed babies with formula fed and soy fed babies to measure their growth and development. The compensation is free diapers or formula for a year, how great is that? We signed up and got approved and Addi has been in the study since she was two months old. We went at two months, four months, six months, then we just had our nine month visit. They weigh and measure Addi, take arm and head measurements, they do a scan of her body to get her body composition, they do a psych evaluation to see developmentally where she is at and they do a brain lab. This looks scary, but it's not at all! It's just a cap that has little sponges on it and Addi basically just sits there and plays with toys and watches baby einstein while they play a series of noises.

Addi needed a nap badly, but didn't want to go to sleep! There was too much cool stuff to look at! She loved this crib toy!

I was doing some paperwork and looked over and Addi was just laying down! She was so tired!

Addi was out within minutes of being in the car. I successfully transferred her from the car to the house and she took a two and a half hour nap! Poor thing was worn out!

Here is a couple months worth of diapers!

When Addi got up from her nap, we ate lunch, we had let her try a biscuit on Sunday so I gave her another one. She ate the whole thing. She loves them!

We had a couple of errands to run after lunch. It was like a oven outside!!! We made a little stop at McDonald's to get an ice cream cone. I let Addi have a couple of bites, she liked it although, she really wanted to stick her hands in it.

After our little snack we played and waited for Daddy to get home! I don't think Addi has enough toys.

This was Addi's face when Josh came in the room. So sweet!

It was a great night, we had a yummy dinner, I got Addi to sleep by myself, we ate brownies and watched Real Housewives of New Jersey! Hope y'all had a great Monday!

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