Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Day

We had such a great day today, I thought I would share some pictures! I've been taking lots of pics lately with the thought of, oh this would make a cute blog post! Haha. I'm addicted I guess. Also, I found an idea off another blog that you can type your blog address in to their website and they make a photobook with all of your blog posts! I think that is such a good idea, because I am NOT a scrapbooker (I wish I was) and it's a cute way to keep memories!
So this morning, Addi slept till 8:20! She must be going through a growth spurt because all she wants to do right now is sleep. I'm not complaining one bit! Once she woke up we ate breakfast and played with her toys. I was checking my email and I look over because I hear her laughing and she has crawled over to the entertainment center and pulled a little basket of cords down and just has them strewn everywhere! She got kinda mad at me when I took them away from her, but was easily distracted by Dora. We don't let Addi watch hardly any TV, partly because she doesn't really watch it for more than a minute, but when Dora comes on, she zones in!
I was kinda worried that Addi wouldn't nap well again today, but like clockwork she went back to her 2 hour nap! I was so thankful because I had some things to do before we went to lunch. After she woke up, we went to get Skip-ma and Emma from the Land Rover place. Skipper's car was getting worked on so we went to get Josh for lunch! We ate at Canon Grill in the Heights, which has the BEST cheese dip of all time. Seriously, it's that good! Addi flirted with our waitress, another waiter, and this teenage boy who was sitting behind us. Oh dear.

After lunch we dropped Josh off back at work and us girls headed back to the heights to check out Cupcakes on Kavanaugh. They had never been, so of course we had to go! We couldn't decide which cupcake to get so we ended up getting a dozen to split. Not all at once though!

After our cupcake stop, we headed over to the Midtowne shopping center to try and find white dresses. Me and Emma need a white dress for Mur and Granddad's anniversary party and Skipper's wedding so where else to look but White House Black Market! As soon as we walked in we were hooked up with some adorable dresses. The first one I tried on was the one I ended up getting. Emma found one too, and she also found this gorgeous blue maxi dress.

Addi had a blast in the dressing room with us. She loved playing with the shoes and the paper in the shoe box. She also loves looking in the mirror. She smiles huge and then gives herself a kiss, it's so cute!

It was a very successful shopping trip to say the least! When we got home, Addi ate some yogurt and then played till Josh got home. I needed to vacuum some and found out that Addi loves the vacuum. She crawled over to it and tried to climb on it and then smiled real big.

Addi didn't take an afternoon nap at all! Whoops! So by bath time we were almost in full meltdown mode. Poor thing was so tired! She went to sleep so fast. Dixie was also worn out today too! I'm not sure why exactly, but she's just been laying around all afternoon!

Emma has been staying with us this week and she has been such a big help! She cleaned up dinner while I gave Addi a bath. Now she is sewing Addi a cute little dress. She's such a good aunt!

Tomorrow should be just as fun. We are heading to Texarkana bright and early in the morning! We are going to Shreveport to do more shopping and hang out with Mur! I'm so excited! Hope y'all had a good day!

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