Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names!

At Kelly's Korner today she is doing Show Us Your Life for baby names! I love looking at baby name books and love hearing what other people are naming their babies. So, since we already have a daughter named Addison, I will share with you what her name means. Josh actually picked out Addison, because he wanted a name he could shorten to call her by, that's why we call her Addi. Danielle is my middle name and I received that name, because my dad's name is Danny.

If we have a son next, we have already agreed that Josh gets to pick his name. His choice is

Kyle Brady

This is of course after Kyle and Landon. (Landon's middle name is Brady.)
They picked this name out together while we were pregnant with Addi. Haha!
We will call him Brady though.

If we have another girl, I get to pick out the name!!!

My choices are:

Ellie Grace
Charlotte Lee (but call her Charlie)
Gracie Belle

I would love having a boy next, but since I get to choose the girl's name I'm kinda leaning toward another girl!!!


  1. i like kyle brady and charlette lee. i love it when girls have masculine names. my sister has 2 sons and a daughter..i love their names, classy but still cute.

    connor aubrey cash

    graycen louis cash

    claire rosalie cash

  2. Oh... I LOVE the name Charolette. I have thought of that before and calling her Charlie. I may need to steal that one! Adorable blog! :)


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