Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hump Dayyy!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are staying warm. It's so so cold here. We've been staying in a lot because its freezing outside. I'm ready for spring to get here!

We took the kids out to eat Sunday night. We gave Rhett and lemon, then laughed our heads off!
Addi dresses up as Dorothy just about every day. She loves wizard of oz. Rhett's favorite toy in addis room is her dollhouse. He loves to move the things around and try to tip it over. 
This boy loves to eat!! He eats all table food now and big portions! I prayed for a good eater! Yay!
These two are so funny. Cute little snow babies.
We got out yesterday to go to playgroup, so much fun until addi threw a gigantic fit when it was time to leave. She's been cooped up and I kinda don't blame her. 
I was taking pictures for copper peacock and addi ran outside and did her "pose." Haha.
She was making me laugh so hard last night with these faces.
She was splashing him and cracking up. Rhett loves his baths! 
Also while taking pictures, I see this gawker. Hahaha!
Have a good one!

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