Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Addi!

I'm sitting here on the eve (actually early morning) of Addi's 5th birthday, wondering how in the world I have a 5 year old! This age has been a "milestone" in the back of my head since she was a teeny baby. I guess because I started remembering more things from when I was 5, and its just always been a big deal thinking about addi being 5. I'm not sure, but it makes me feel bittersweet. Addi is the most interesting and hilarious child I've ever met. Her brain is constantly thinking and running and it's so fun to watch her interact and have conversations. This is such a fun age and I know there is tons more fun to come, but part of me is sad knowing she's getting older and more independent, and while she will always be my baby, pretty soon she won't want to give me random kisses or sing silly songs. She will be a headstrong teenager and then I really won't know what to do! Haha! Okay enough of the sad feelings, tomorrow we are celebrating with all of your favorite things! I hope you have the best birthday ever baby girl! We love you so very much! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Antics

We had such a great weekend! Friday night, papa and Lila took the kids and josh and I had a date night! We ate at local lime, my fav!!
And saw guardians of the galaxy. Great movie! 
Poor josh had his board exam all day Saturday. The test was 9 hours long. Insane! I took the kids swimming. It was hectic trying to get them sunscreened and ready without one of them running off. Haha.
Saturday night, I made this cute pjs. Less than a week till football season!!!!
And some precious Halloween ones!
Sunday we stopped for doughnuts before church. DELISH.

Josh and Rhett matched on "accident." Lol.
Sweet little friends!
Sunday evening, addi and I did the Ice bucket challenge! Josh was a stinker and put salt in my bucket to make it colder. Boooo.
Addis was lukewarm but she screamed!

Such a fun and semi-relaxing weekend!

Addis Week in Texas

Last week, addi spent the whole week visiting Josh's aunt and uncle and Mur and grandad in Texas. She had a blast but we missed her!!
I think Rhett enjoyed the extra one on one time though. ;)
She asked to go back right after josh picked her up. Haha!
The weather was so nice and cool. We spent an afternoon at the park one day.

I enjoyed a moms night out!
We took Rhett to eat Mexican and he was a little ham.
Poor bubba passed out in the car. Wearing long sleeves in July?!?! 
Sweet boy.

We were so glad to get addi back home! We missed her so much!!
Sunday, josh took addi golfing. She asked me to look for her on tv. We had been watching the masters. Lol!
And then we died from sweetness! 
Pardon the messy kitchen, but we turned on finding nemo and Rhett climbed up in a chair and got all cozy to watch. Haha.
Fun after baths!

Cute bubbers.
Monday we went to fbc to have lunch and play with friends.

Great start to our week!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Eliza's Birthday

Eliza turned two last week! I can't believe it. Addi helped her eat some pizza. 
Addi helped. Haha.
Her new kitchen. So cute!

Haha! Poor bear.

Little bear cake.
Rhett got in on the cake action.
Testing out all the new toys.
Happy birthday Eliza!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texarkana Weekend

This weekend we went to Texarkana to see Mur and Granddad. The first thing the kids did, was get on the "shaker." Ha! It's this old fashioned exercise machine that shakes and they love it.
Mur made a delicious meal of brisket, ribs, fried green tomatoes and squash, garden fresh veggies. It was amazing.

Rhett loves ribs. 
Addi gets her very own grape juice at their house. Haha.
Blackberry cobbler for dessert. So good.

The next morning, Rhett woke up at 10:30!!! That's the latest he's ever slept. 
We took them outside to play and Rhett hopped right up in the fountain. 

Addi had fun playing in the sprinkler. Rhett did not like it one bit!

He stayed in his pond. 
Eliza came shortly after!

When the babies went down for naps, the big girls went to get pedicures.

Addi and "poodly." 
Playtime when we got home!
That night was another delicious meal for Brent's birthday. Steaks, lamb chops and tons of good sides. 
Eliza got upset once happy birthday started. Haha!
Rhett joined in singing too!

The kids slept great again that night. Eliza just loves addi. So sweet. 

Addi is spending the week visiting Josh's aunt. I miss her so much already! 
Hope y'all had a good one!

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