Sunday, January 5, 2014

California Part 3

The next morning, we got packed up and headed north to LA. My dad lives on the way so we stopped and saw them for a bit. Addi loved their dogs. 
They took us to a really great Mexican place near their house. SO amazingly good. 
After lunch, we headed to our hotel near Rhen and Michael. The trip had been so easy up until this point. It's just hard being in a hotel with two little ones. We were pretty exhausted and the kids were cranky. 
That night, we went to the Santa Monica pier to walk around and eat.
Addi, josh, rnen and Michael rode the Ferris wheel.
At dinner, we didn't realize it but addi was taking pictures and video the entire time, even of tables next to us. I've never laughed so hard in my life!! 
Then it got sad. Addi fell out of the SUV getting out and fell right on her head. She had a huge knot and was banged up but she was completely fine. Still so scary. I freaked out pretty bad. :/ 
The next day, everyone except for me and Rhett because he needed to nap, went to Venice beach. They met a new friend. Ha!
Papa and Lila took the kids back with them to searcy and josh and I got a real vacation! I was so sad for them to leave, especially after addis fall, but we really needed the downtime and time to be with each other. We laid on the couch and watched tv and both of us said this is the first time in a long time that we have just gotten to sit and not worry about anything. Woohoo! We saw anchorman that night and Rhen and Michael took us to a cool sausage place for dinner. 
The next day after a trip to michaels awesome workplace, spacex, we headed to Vegas!!!! We had never been. Apparently it's a popular destination for NYE because it took six hours to get there. 
We went to Paris the first night for dinner with my uncle. He lives there! Dinner was delicious and we had a fun night out.
Brunch the next morning: chicken and waffles and beignets. 
This was inside the Venetian. So amazing this is a hotel. 
Various places. I think the bellagio was my favorite because it smelled the best. It was very fresh and open. Some of them were so smokey it was hard to get past.
It was a great day of sightseeing but that night I got sick and ended up spending NYE in bed. :(
We are still in the midst of unpacking, cleaning, purging and getting over horrible coughs. We had such a great vacation and so many memories were made. I love my little family so much! 

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