Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday Wrap Up

TGIF everyone! One of my New Years resolutions was to put my phone up during the day and only check it every couple hours rather than carry it around. I was just getting too distracted by it and this week has been so much fun, and I think it's because I've been more present. These kids are so amazing and deserve to have my full attention. 

This boo boo bear is growing more and more each day. He's really close to walking I think. :( 
He's also babbling a ton! He can say mama (which he uses for dada also 😂), ball, and belle. So cute. 
We had a sweet angel girl come visit us yesterday. This is Avery! 
Addi was pretty smitten and so are we!
Rhett had pizza and a cookie for dinner last night because, why not???
I don't know either addi. 
We went to the library today for a fun music class. Addi was so excited. :)
Their favorite game is to either chase each other, Rhett can run FAST, or when he gets tired addi just pushes him around and they laugh like crazy.
Matching rain coats!
Agh so sweet!!!
Sweet belle. :)
Hope y'all had a good week!

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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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