Monday, June 24, 2013

Twitter Babies

Oh my word!!! I'm in that state of tiredness in which your bones ache. I stayed up way too late working and then Rhett was up several times. I'm about to hit the hay and pray both kids sleep good!!
At least he's cute!!! ;)
He's been trying to get that little thumb in his mouth all day. Adorable.
Despite a very weird day of not wanting to nurse, he was all smiles!
Sweet little guy. He rolled over in his crib during naptime. Swaddled. And then threw up everywhere. Awesome.
This afternoon we got the pleasure of meeting some of my twitter friends! Oh course, niki and I have been hanging out for several years now, but this was the first time I met Lindsay! I felt like I already knew her and her precious kids! 
Rhett was thinking to himself, "people from the Internet mom? Really??" Haha.
Poor Hudson. Addi was loving on him a little too hard and scared him. :( I think he got over it though and they played pretty well the rest of the time.
Sweet photo bomb belle. 
We decided to make everyone at big orange hate us by taking four tired kids to eat dinner. 
Addi was flirting BIG time with Hudson and was so wild.
Sweet NPR!!
She was doing some sweet air medal moves to impress Hudson.
All the kids. I think I heard clapping when we left. ;)
It was so fun to meet you Lindsay! I wish y'all were moving here instead of Alabama!
Look at this!! Sweetness.
Hope y'all had a great day!!

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