Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rhett-3 Months

Rhetters!!!!!! You are 3 months old!!!! How did that happen so fast???? Momma needs you to slow down on the growing because I want to just keep you a baby forever. 
 You are THE sweetest baby. Always smiley and very laid back and chill. Everyone comments on how quiet and laid back you are. You are just a breeze!
 You've started smiling "on command" this month and it's the cutest!!! If we are smiling at you or talking to you, you give us the biggest grin. 
 You've also started laughing! Only a few times and it's been when we are playing peek-a-boo, but it is the cutest thing. It's a deep belly laugh.
 You've rolled over three times. Today, you rolled over twice in a row. I'm not ready for that yet! You also have rolled over SWADDLED in your crib and I am officially freaked out.
 You are still nursing like a champ, although we had one day where you just weren't interested in nursing at all. I guess it was just an off day.
 You are just a joy Rhett and I love you SO SO much!!!!
Weight: 14 lbs. 10 oz.
Length: 23.5 inches
Size 2 Diapers
3-6 month clothes

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