Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day

We started our Magic Kingdom day off with breakfast at Chef Mickey's! I have to say, Josh made all the reservations for where we ate, and I thought he did such a great job picking places that Addi LOVED.
 I'm pretty sure Addi took maybe 1 bite of food the whole time we were there. She was SO excited to see Goofy!

 And Pluto!

 Mickey was probably her favorite. :)

 She was just starstruck!

 And Minnie Mouse! 

 So adorable!!
 Addi needed a moment of prayer on the way back to the park. Haha!
We had some time to kill before the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, so we rode the carousel   
 Josh made these reservations too without prompting! I was super impressed. :)
 Addi called her Fairy Godmother, Mother Gothel the whole time. Haha!
 We thought it was funny that when at home, Addi will run from a brush, but this lady was just yanking on her hair and she never made a peep. 
 She got her nails done too!
 Was NOT a fan of the lip gloss. 
 A little Pixie Dust!
 What a beautiful princess!
                                  The sass is too much! Haha!
 We walked around the new Fantasyland some. It wasn't quite done, but they had this new Ariel ride that Addi LOVED. 

 These were some characters that just walked around talking to the kids. She was really funny. 
 Addi wanted a picture in front of the dwarves. 
 The Dumbo ride! 
 So fun!
 Mur and Granddad had fun too!
 This was the People Mover. It stopped right as you get inside the roller coaster part, and it was dark and kinda scary. Haha! Luckily, we kept hearing Buzz's voice and Addi was pretty excited. 
 Addi wanted a picture with Emperor Zurg after the Buzz Lightyear ride. Haha!
We had dinner at Tony's that night. It was so good! 
Addi ate peanut butter. Haha! I'm so glad we didn't get a meal plan, and also glad we brought that jar of PB. 
Next up was Mickey's Christmas Party! There were carts full of cookies and hot cocoa and we got a place to watch the parade. 
 This was right as the Toy Story float came by. Addi was IN LOVE!

 And then after she saw Santa. Haha!

 Addi was such a hoot waiting on the fireworks. 
 She was also eating Pez like it was going to be discontinued. 
 We were a little worried about the fireworks show, because Addi is pretty terrified of them. She did great though! 
 We decided to stick around and watch the last parade of the night. 
 They had some people come warm up the crowd and Addi went and danced with them. 

 It was so funny.
 We had front row seats this time, and Addi waved at everyone and figured out if she blew kisses, they would blow one back. It was SO sweet. Cinderella even talked to Addi for a second. It was so neat!
 This was a huge float with all the princesses. 

 And this was right after Woody blew her a kiss. Oh my word. She was on top of the world after that! 
 Addi thought it was the coolest thing when it started "snowing." She's been asking for snow for Christmas. Me too addi!
 I love this picture so much!!! 
Next up is Hollywood Studios! 

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  1. these pictures are ADORABLE and exactly what i would hope our disney experience will be like if we ever go. that is just pure JOY all over face!


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