Sunday, December 2, 2012

Traveling and Animal Kingdom

Friday afternoon, we boarded a plane and headed off to the happiest place on earth! Not without a few bumps though. We actually missed our first flight by a few minutes. We looked at the arrival time in Dallas as being our takeoff. Thankfully though, there was another flight just an hour and a half later with the same connection and seats right by each other. Such a blessing!
 This little lady was SO proud to carry her suitcase. :)

 Mur and Addi getting a little massage pre-flight.
 Passing some time by coloring. Addi did so good!
 She really loved the plane! Josh said, I think if we went home right now, Addi would have still had a great vacation. Haha!
 She made a little friend in Dallas when we were waiting on our flight to Orlando. It was SO sweet to watch them. The little girl was older than Addi and was asking her all sorts of questions. They hugged goodbye. It was so sweet!
 Poor bear was SO tired the next morning.
Getting a good start to our first day!
 On the Magical Express! I definitely teared up at the opening video. Haha.
We got a villa at Old Key West Resort. It was SO super nice. 
 Addi was raring to go!
 Animal Kingdom was our first day. 

 This was like a tree creature thing. Addi was pretty wary of it. 
 She loved all the birds that were walking around. While eating lunch they are just right next to your table.
 We were watching this monkey and all of a sudden it stopped and started peeing. Addi thought this was the funniest thing and hasn't quit talking about it!

 We ate dinner at Boma and when we got back to the resort, Addi was WILD. 

 Probably because around 5 she passed out! haha!
                                              Next up, Magic Kingdom!

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