Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hollywood Studios

We went to Hollywood Studios on whatever day is next. Haha. I can't remember which day it was, but it was after Magic Kingdom. Josh and Granddad played golf that morning which was great, because we didn't get in bed till after midnight the night before, so we all slept in and it was nice. Mur, Addi and I went and ate lunch at a place in the resort, then met up with the guys and went to Hollywood Studios.

We started out first with a Beauty and the Beast show! Addi was so focused on the show, and kept asking us where Belle's book was. Gaston takes it in a scene, and in the movie he gives it back. Well, in this show he didn't. Addi was borderline upset about it, until the Beast gave Belle an even bigger book. She talked about it all day. 
We found out that Ralph and Vanelope would be giving hugs so we had to go see them. Addi LOVES Wreck it Ralph. It's a really funny movie.

 THIS was the real treat though. Josh stood in line with her for close to 30 minutes so she could meet Buzz and Woody. She had been talking about them the whole trip. 
 I think she was a little starstruck. After the picture she ran to me and was shrieking, "There's Buzz and Woody!!!!!!" It was SO cute. 
 It's also cute to cover your face in stickers.
 Addi was mad at Josh for something, I'm pretty sure he just told her no, and so Addi ran over to Granddad and pouted to him. It was pretty cute.
 This was all Addi's idea! Haha! We were on our way to eat dinner in Downtown Disney and Addi saw these shirts and wanted a picture in one of them. 
 Ah yes. This little mermaid set is Addi's because she ran up to Josh and Granddad with her puppy eyes and asked in the sweetest voice you've ever heard, "can I please please pleaseeeee have this?" The hugs and I love you's were well worth it. :)
 We feasted on mountains of seafood this night. SO GOOD.
 Bubble bath in the jacuzzi! Addi thought this was the coolest thing. 

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