Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Epcot is so fun to me! I love all the different countries and Addi LOVED the Nemo part. We ate lunch at the Akershus princess place in Norway. Addi was SO excited to meet the princesses.
 See what I mean!? SO excited!!!
 Belle is right at the front, and you take a picture with her, and then they seat you. 
 Addi was just starstruck!

 They have something called a princess parade, and all the kids get up and follow around the princess of their section and basically wave to everyone in the restaraunt. Ours was Sleeping Beauty and Addi didn't look back once.
 She had so much fun!
 This may be the Sleeping Beauty that we met the first time we took Addi to Disney!

 Snow White. So cute.
 She would be so shy when they would come to the table, but after they left she just lit up! 

 And Ariel. Addi had been dying to meet her the whole trip.

 Sincere hug.
 This was in the oceans part of Epcot. It's all Nemo stuff. 

 It's Bruce!
 Addi told us she liked sharks more than dolphins.

 We went and ate dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant, it was SO good. Poor Addi was just done at this point. 
 Sorry, these are out of order. This was in China. Addi gathered up every one of this Pokemon she saw. 
 In Morocco. Perry had a horrible accident. 
 Snack time in France. We went a little overboard. ;)
 Fountain outside of Italy I think. 
 On the Nemo ride. When we came here first when Addi was 15 months old, we rode this ride over and over again. She loved it then and she loves it now! 
 Cool jellyfish.
 Turtle Talk with Crush. This is HILARIOUS. Kids get to ask Crush questions and it's just really funny. Addi kept raising her hand, and I am so curious to know what she would have asked. She also told everyone her name was Snow White. HAHA.
 This is Addi's name in Arabic. So cool!
That was it for Epcot!

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