Sunday, September 23, 2012

Addi's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

Saturday was Addi's big birthday party day!!! Poor lamb didn't get a nap and was super tired, but she pushed through like a champ!
 She's been looking forward to this day all week!
 There were some dramatic moments due to the non nappage. 
 But once we got to the party place, it was all good!
 I hardly saw Addi the whole time! She was constantly running to different jump things.

 Josh and Evan probably had more fun in here than any of the kids.

 The assist from Papa!

 Amazing cookies by Holly!!!!

 Cake time!

 Max went to town on this cupcake!

 Sweet hugs!

 Rhen did this amazing canvas!!! 

 Sarah made the invitations, thank yous and cupcake toppers. She is amazing.

We had such a blast celebrating Addi! Thank you for everyone that helped us celebrate our little bear!!!!


  1. such a cute birthday party! she looks like she did so well despite not having a nap. You did a great job with all of the details. Adorable!

  2. The party looked adorable, still so sad we missed it. =( Hope to see you sometime next week!

  3. she looks like she had a blast!! great job mama!


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