Monday, September 17, 2012

Massive Catch Up

Happy Birthday week Addi!!! What better to celebrate than to do a massive catch up post. :)

Addi's been keeping busy with her gymnastics class. 
 We did some crafts.

 Just ignore the odd looking letters and be amazed by Addi's artwork. 
 We had a playdate somewhere in there too!
 I downloaded a Papa John's app that makes ordering pizza SO easy. Dangerous and yummy.
 Snoozin in the big bed.

 Addi had her first day of school at the new school!

 She loved it!
 We hung out in Searcy one afternoon running errands and Addi met her hero, Buzz Lightyear. The grin was too cute!!!

 Oh Saturday started out to be a great day. We had cute game day outfits on.
 We tailgated with all of our friends.

 We played with puppies.
 We napped.

 Even Papa was there!

 We had Razorback cupcakes.

 Too bad we got FREAKING beat by ULM. And pretty much started the downward spiral that is Hog football this year. :(
 I did get some new glasses.
 Anddddd I look just like my dad.
 11 week bump!
 More gymnastics.
 Oh so, Addi is paci free now! Here is the story.
We had a painter come to our house to give us an estimate on repainted several rooms in the house. When he saw Addi, she had her paci in and he said, "you're too big for a paci, you need to take that thing out so I can hear you!" Addi just handed it to him, finished what she was saying and ran off to play. That night, I made a split second decision to tell Addi that man was Santa and he took all her pacis back to the North Pole for the babies. Keep in mind, this guy looked NOTHING like Santa. Skinny, tall, beardless. Anyways, she went to sleep fine and the next morning she asked for one and I repeated my schpill. She stopped me and said, "no, mommy I gave them to the baby penguins." COOL. So she has been doing great and sleeping great without it. Thanks fake Santa!
 Cupcakes to celebrate!

 Addi got sick in the car on the way to the park last week. Threw up EVERYWHERE. It was so sad and so gross. :( Belle was worried.
 I've been eating a ton of these lately.

 The Colonel sent Addi some finger puppets for her birthday! She LOVES them.
 The shark is her favorite.
 Friday night, we had a little movie and pizza night.
 And a glowstick bath.
 Saturday we got the beating of a lifetime by Alabama, but we are still proud Hog fans.
 12 week bump! Feeling good! Still a lot of back pain at night, no weight gain, but my morning sickness is almost gone so maybe that will change soon. :)

Hope y'all had a great week!!!


  1. Thanks for the update Ashley... Keeps me up to date... What big thing do you have planned for her Birthday... Are you still going to Disneyland? Time is flying by... But you all still look the same except Addie she is such a young lady losing all that Baby look... You are a great mom and she will enjoy these updates of her when she gets older... will be waiting for the next on... Great Aunt Jean

  2. so cute, that paci story had me laughing out loud for real!!

  3. Hahaha... You crack me up! Fake Santa. Love it! I can't believe that man had the gall to say that, but good for you for taking the opportunity and seizing it! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that is even possible! Let me know if you decide you want me to get the buzz costume! They also had a little felt backpack with the wings (not sure if the lit up or not) and you could buy the helmet separately. :) lastly, are y'all going to find out if you are having a boy or girl? If so, when??? I'm so excited to hear!!!


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