Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Weekend

So me and Addi have been on our own this weekend, Josh went skiing with his dad and grandpa and Kyle in Colorado. I am so ready for him to get back! Not only do I miss him, but it's hard being the only parent! Haha. On Friday, Addi was very hard to put down for bed. Everytime I would leave the room, she would SCREAM and throw her cow on the ground. I would go back in, hand her the cow and then leave. Well this went on for an hour until she finally just gave in. Oh me, it exhausted both of us! That night, I went to work on orders! I don't think I've shown y'all this onesie and shirt yet, but it has been ordered like crazy. You can go here to order one!

Saturday morning, Addi slept till 10! I was so happy to sleep in with her! After breakfast, we colored some.

Then we went and got lunch at Chik Fil A. I didn't think Addi would take a nap since she slept so late, but she took a good nap that afternoon. After she woke up, we had a little photo shoot in the back yard. She did not move from that spot the entire time we were out there! I think she was afraid of getting dirty.

I asked her to smile, this is the face she does now. Hilarious.

We came back in and Addi had a slumber party in her crib with ALL of her stuffed animals. She was LOVING it!!!

Addi went down without a fight Saturday night, so maybe Friday night was just a fluke. I sure hope so. Today, we went to the Rhea Lana sale in North Little Rock. We went right when it opened and so the line almost wrapped around the building. It was pretty crazy inside, but we came out with some CUTE summer stuff.

I have been scouring ebay for a fourth of July smocked dress, so I flipped when I saw this one for $10!!!!!

And probably my most favorite outfit!!!

And let me just say the weather here lately has been AMAZING!!! I can't wait till summer. I know by July I will be wishing it was winter because it gets so hot, but right now I'm ready for the lazy days of summer and grilling and swimming! Yay!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I think the onesie/shirt you made are just adorable. Too bad I don't have a little girl to put one on. :)

  2. Eden went through that same phase last week! Every time I tried to lay her down she put the death grip on me and screamed when I pried her little fingers off of me. Thank goodness it only lasted a few days!

  3. Love her Pics AS ALWAYS!!! Hope Friday was just a fluke and you are having a wonderful week.
    Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog -
    Please don't feel obligated. I just want you to know how much I LOVE your blog.

  4. She is so stinkin cute! I just love me some Addi (and Addi's mommy). ;). Can't wait to see you two on Tuesday! :)

    Btw-I just saw the onesie for Owen on your Etsy page and I love it! :D. So glad we went with yellow!


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