Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Thursday

I am worn out! Me and Addi had a very busy, but very fun day today! Luckily, we never do anything before Addi's morning nap, so that gives me a chance to prepare for the day, do housework, and just play with Addi. After she wakes up from her nap, I feed her, change her and then we are out the door! I'm sure things will settle down soon, but as of right now, we are two busy girls!
Addi has started making this face whenever she is done eating, or if she doesn't like what your trying to feed her! It really cracks me up! This was today after I tried to get her to eat some pumpkin and pears. It sounded good, but Addi hated it!

Such a stinker!
After I got her cleaned up, we went over to Sarah's house to play with Weston! He is such a sweetie pie, and him and Addi had a blast! As always, Addi was the aggressive one and tried to baby raptor Weston and even bit him on the booty at one point, but Weston kept up with her and wouldn't let her boss him around!

Sarah was eating a Clif bar at one point and Addi and Weston crawled over to her and were begging for a bite! They both kept reaching and then grunting for more bites! It was hilarious!
I wish we could have stayed longer, but me and Addi had a little stop to make at the RMDH to drop off a few items for the auction we have collected.
On the way, Addi was fussing so I handed her, her little cup full of puffs and crunchies, but it has the flexible lid so they can stick their hands in and pull them out. Addi only successfully got puffs one time before, but she figured it out! I could hear her eating them and smelled the dorito-y smell of the crunchies.

She made such a mess in Emily's office and kept trying to get into EVERYTHING!

Addi was so friendly to everyone there and I think has a lot of new fans! :)
Poor little thing fell asleep in the car on the way home. I wanted to just leave the car running and take a little nap with her!

I unsuccessfully tried to move her carseat in without waking her, but I couldn't even lift the car seat out of the car! We are driving Jeanette's car this week and it's a Tahoe, so to lift a massive child, in a car seat, out of a Tahoe was too much for my puny muscles! Since she had been asleep, I tried to rock her, but she was awake! So we ate some pears and momma had a little snack too!

Addi kept making the funniest faces, she was so animated today!

We just played at the kitchen table till Skip-ma and Emma came in. We are still doing some last minute things to get ready for Mur and Granddad's anniversary celebration this weekend, so we all went out to run a few errands!
But first, we were changing Addi's diaper, and I thought her front tooth was coming in so Skipper started checking and yes indeed there was a tooth, but it was on her upper right gum! I couldn't believe it! She had been chewing on her finger and yesterday when she was nursing, it kinda hurt, but I thought she was just pulling. Now I know! I can't believe she finally has a tooth! Me and Sarah were just talking today about how weird it was that she didn't have teeth yet! Haha!

This is the best picture we could get, she doesn't like you trying to touch it, so she clamps her mouth shut!
When Daddy came home he couldn't wait to see her new tooth!

Josh and Skipper went to a 70's theme fundraiser tonight for the cancer society. This was as "70's" as they got! Josh is wearing an old tie and Skipper is wearing some of my gold jewelry!

For dinner me, Emma and Kyle had chicken enchiladas from A Second Helping. Skipper brought them and I have been dying to try them! They were so good! I had her bring me two so we could have them next week too! :)

Note to self: CLEAN OVEN. Haha!
After dinner and after Addi was in bed, Emma and I decided to give Dixie a little trim! Her hair has gotten so long it's in her eyes, so I just trimmed up around her face. But now, it looks like she has a tiny head and her body looks huge! Poor Dixie, I should just leave it to the professionals!
Tomorrow we are in for a day of packing, cleaning (I hate leaving a dirty house), and traveling to Texarkana! I can't wait for the big party on Saturday!

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