Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anniversary Celebration Weekend

We are back from another fun-filled weekend! I don't know what is with me and allergy medicine, but this morning I took a pill (I can't remember the name) that Mur gave me, because I was having a reaction to her cat, and was borderline comatose within an hour. We decided to go ahead and leave that morning instead of after church since Addi was tired and I was in such a state. On the way home I was hallucinating that Rhen was in the car, got really scared when Josh coughed, like gasped and almost started crying, and said I didn't know I had legs at one point! I've got to be more careful when I take medicine. I have such a bad allergy to cats that I NEED medicine, but I'm really sensitive to antihistamines (obviously) so if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Anywho, on to the weekend! We got to Texarkana Friday night in time to eat some barbecue that Mur had picked up. I wasn't very hungry since I had embarrassed myself earlier that day at Canon Grill, but I made a little plate anyways. For dessert there were so many choices, but my favorite was Avril's cherry crunch pie. OMG. It's a cheesecake with a pecan crust with cherries over the top, so good. We put Addi down for bed and waited on the other's to get back from rehearsing.

We stayed up late visiting with everyone, and Addi only woke up once at midnight, which was when we went to bed! Go Addi! The next morning, us girl's went to the nail salon to get manicures. I've decided that I think it would be a good idea to get a manicure every week. They aren't expensive and I love how they make my nails look! When we got back home, we started getting ready for the party!
Addi was a good helper and handed me my makeup.

When we got to the country club, we took some pictures!

Laura did such a great job organizing the party, everything was gorgeous! The food was amazing too.

So many people showed up to celebrate Mur and Granddad's anniversary! Addi was so friendly and smiled at everyone. We keep wondering when she will get stranger anxiety, but so far she is one social and flirty little girl.

While we ate, Addi got to try several new things. I gave her part of a strawberry, honeydew melon and some cantelope. She really liked all of them! She's getting another tooth on her bottom gum so pretty soon she will be able to eat more stuff like that.
Our entertainment for the afternoon was a variety of things. First, Mur and Granddad got married again! Haha, there was even a cake that they cut. The cake was delicious, love love love wedding cake!

There was an awards ceremony, where Granddad won several trophies for different sports, it was pretty cute.

Next, there was a game where the four contestants had to decide "who said what?" It was hilarious! I think everyone there now knows that Mur loves coke!

We watched a great slideshow, and after that Laura, Skipper and Mason put on a little show! Haha!

For the party favors we had these little coke bottles in honor of Mur with little tags tied on them that said, "Here's to a promise never broken." That little idea was your's truly. Just the tags part though!

On the way home we didn't want Addi to fall asleep in the car,because we wanted her to take a nap inside. Poor thing was WORN out and Rhen was trying so hard to keep her awake, but Addi would not wake up! It was funny listening to Rhen, because she was blowing in her face, singing, clapping, but to no avail.

So of course when we got home, Addi was awake and didn't want to nap! That's okay, there were plenty of people to play with her!

That evening we got a surprise visit from Andrew! We made him eat lots of food and also made him call Whitney and Eden and tell them to come and play! When Eden got here, I originally thought that her and Addi would play together, but I forgot about someone else! As soon as she saw Kason, it was love at first sight! It was so sweet, Eden was petting him and saying his name and Kason goes, "Wanna see my bed?" We all died laughing! What a smooth talker! He called Eden his "girl" at one point, but then got mad because we wanted to get a picture of them together. Haha!

So sweet!
That night, I didn't hear Addi at all, but Josh said she woke up about every hour, but would very quickly go back to sleep. The next morning we were all really tired! It was fun to sit around with everyone at the table and drink coffee and try to wake up. Then I had the weird reaction to the allergy medicine and for the rest of the day I have been trying to stay awake! I am so glad I cleaned the house before we left, all I had to do when we got home was unpack and that didn't take long at all. I'm about to go to bed, still drowsy, and hopefully we will all get lots of good rest! Hope y'alls weekend was good!

Please keep praying for baby Cohen, he isn't doing very good. Also, keep the families of those who lost loved ones at Albert Pike in your prayers.

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  1. Ashley you should write a book... Thanks for sharing felt like I was there... Aunt Jean


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