Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sno cones and lightning bugs

Josh is home!!! Yay!!!! Rhett here was beginning to question if we would all survive another day. ;) 
Addi pretended to be a butterfly most of the day. She got pretty upset if I called her addi instead of butterfly addi. 
She also was getting frustrated here because "Rhett wouldn't let her have a turn." Trying to explain how babies don't know how to share was even more frustrating. 
All was forgotten though, and they worked as a team the rest of the day. Haha! 
Is there anything better than a tigers blood with cream sno cone on a summer night?? 
Josh and addi caught lightning bugs after dinner. Mostly addi just stood on the porch and yelled to him where they were. 
So glad to have him back! 
Hope y'all had a great day!!! 

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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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