Monday, June 10, 2013

Dog Days

Hey guys! Look who was in my bed when I came home last night. She's laying diagonally if you couldn't tell. Lots of restful sleep did not take place last night due to little feet kicking me. She's a sweetie though. 
We went to a splash pad today! It was so fun and so dang hot! I was fried! 
Sweet girls! 

Addi was such a mess. She called this a booty shake. I pretended like I didn't know who's child she was.haha!!!
Mur and skipper kept Rhett so that was nice to only have one child to look after! We went to chuys for lunch. 
So. Good.
I could swim in that jalapeño ranch. 
Rhett slept the whole meal! That meant I had one more hand to shovel jalapeño ranch into my mouth. 
Paci thief! 
Addi and I went out again after while to run some errands. Tired girl was trying so hard to stay awake but just couldn't! 
One of our stops was a sewing store to get some thread. They had the sweetest poodle there that addi named fluffy. 
Then at old navy she wanted to ride this dog. 
Belle belle is very curious.
Working on his best blue steel impression. 
Big orange for dinner! I'm going to need a detox after this week. 
Hope y'all had a great day!!!!

1 comment:

  1. The booty shake pic made me LOL!

    And I LOVE the jalapeño ranch at Chuy's!! I may need Chuy's tomorrow night now that I've read this.

    Rhett is so stinkin' cute...he has grown so much!


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