Monday, January 14, 2013

Catch up

I need to do a better job about keeping up with posts! Ah! Here is just a random assortment of what we've been up to lately...

Rhett's closet is steadily growing. I'm having so much fun creating little boy things!
Addi loves when we lay in bed in the mornings with the "big phone."
 Little sweetheart.

 We had fondue with friends one night. Delicious.
 More boy things and some things for Addi too. 
 This was one morning that Addi woke up SUPER early. 
 Headed to church.
 One of Addi's Christmas gifts was a princess songs CD. On "part of your world" we aren't allowed to sing, that's her solo time. 
 One night she wanted to talk to Santa again. So I had to find that video I created for her and she got super excited again about Santa. 
 We left our Christmas decor up for the longest ever. I usually want to take it all down the day after, but we were traveling and I've had a lot of weird pregnancy things going on so it didn't get done till last week.
 We've been playing alot.
 Addi LOVES this crocodile hats. 
 Lunch date with Daddy!
 So cute.
 Addi wanted to bake one night. Couldn't say no to that!
 We found a little gymnastics place that lets you pay $5 and you get free play for an hour. It was something fun to do on a rainy day and Addi loved it!

 Josh and I had a date night. 
 Snowflake art.
 Cinderella face. 

 Sleepy baby.
 I am 29 weeks along. Getting HUGE. :) Rhett is so strong. When he kicks or moves it literally hurts. During church he was going crazy and I was trying not to come unglued. I'm so excited to meet him. We ordered Addi's new furniture last week and I ordered crib bedding fabric last night. I'm excited to get to work on the nursery. I'm pretty sure at this point I already had Addi's room done. Ha! He will sleep in our room in the beginning so I'm not too worried. 
 Celebrating Nancy's birthday. She had this at a dance studio and Addi has been talking about going back to dance class. Haha!

 I put foam rollers in her hair last night. She didn't want to wait until they were dry to take them out, but she sure looked adorable in them!


  1. All of his onesie's are adorable!! Love the airplane. And Addi is as cute as always!

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