Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rhen and Michael's Wedding!

Rhen and Michael got married!!!! We rode up to Fayetteville with Mur and Granddad and ate at the catfish hole. SO GOOD. Addi requested I take her picture with this Santa. Haha! 
Rhen had her bridal luncheon at the Crumpet Tea Room the next day. There was much confusion trying to get to the right place, but once we were all there, it was great!

 Addi loved these pretty earrings that Jeanette gave Rhen. 
 Our lunch. The orange rolls were so yum.
 She really didn't want to give them back. Haha!
I tried to drive around for a bit after the luncheon to get Addi to nap, but first we stopped at Steak and Shake. I was starving and truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of "girl food" so this cheeseburger and fries really did the trick. 
Addi fell asleep right as we pulled up to the barn where the rehearsal was. We stayed in the car as long as we could before having to go inside. Addi did AWESOME. She is just a natural at being a flower girl. ;)
 Pep talk from Dustin and Ross.
 This place was so pretty.
 Hilarious face with Lila!
 Rehearsal dinner that night. I definitely cried a little bit during the speeches. It just had me think that in the blink of an eye, that will be Addi. It's crazy how fast time is going. 
 Me and Rhett hanging out at 25 weeks. 
 We went up to the barn again on Saturday to help out with setting up. 
 Addi ran around like crazy. It was perfect weather.
 Pretty little details.
 We finally got her dressed and ready. :) 
 With Daddy. 
She did SO great!!!! I was so proud!
 Rhen was just stunning!
SO pretty.

 Addi rocked it on the dance floor. Haha! My favorite part of the entire day was when Gangham style came on and a circle formed around Addi while she danced. It was SO FUNNY. 
 Sweet Kason. This is Addi's cousin. She told him she wants to marry him. Haha!

 Sweet Kaylie. She was such a good helper with Addi! And Addi just loves her. 
 My BFF's came!!!

 More dancing. I'm pretty sure she danced for 2 hours straight.
A tradition in Josh's family is to chain up the groom before they leave the reception. I don't know how or why it started, but it's pretty hilarious. Josh was the last to get married so he was in charge of getting the chains on Michael. 
 Addi was so worried about Michael! Haha! 
It was such a fantastic wedding and we loved seeing Rhen and Michael tie the knot! 

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