Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Major Catch Up

Wow. So it's Christmas night and I realized I hadn't blogged since we got back from Disney. This month has just been a tad crazy for us and hasn't left much time to blog. BUT! We are currently snowed in, so I thought, what better time than now to blog. :)

When we got everything unpacked and situated from Disney, we decorated for Christmas! I loved seeing the tree all lit up at night. So cozy.
 Addi was excited to finally wear her Christmas outfits! 
 We went with some friends to paint pottery one day. It was so much fun. 
 Addi is a little monochromatic and the plate I made looks ridiculous. But, everyone cherished Addi's gifts. :)
 One Kroger trip, I let Addi push around her own little cart. Sister just went for it, and started tossing in groceries she wanted. Strawberries, raspberries and an apple. So funny.
 We got to see our alma mater win the state championship!

 Addi had a big meltdown when we got there because she was afraid there would be fireworks there, like at the Razorback game we went to. After MUCH convincing  she let loose and had a blast watching the cheerleaders. 
 Practicing for the church Christmas program one Sunday.
 We went to Rock Creek with our playgroup one day. 
 Then to my OB appointment. Yay for no diabetes and no UTI's!!!!!!!!!!!

 Just using Belle's face to prop up her little laptop. No big deal. 

 This little stinker got sent to the office twice at school this day, for not listening. We are trying to work on this. 
We went to our Bible study's annual Christmas party. Addi opened a classic gag gift, peepee guy! She loves it.  
 Sleepy heads.
 PJ party at our house!
 This Santa pic cracks me up. I have no idea what face Addi is making! 

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