Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

I can't believe another year has come and gone! I feel like 2011 went by so fast. Anyways, I love the start of a brand new year and setting goals for myself! Here are some past years goals.



Basically, the one that is always there is the getting in shape part!!! Agh, why is it so hard to stay in shape??? I've decided to make this year's goal to not be about weight, and more about a lifestyle. Addi is starting to really pay attention to what we do and she's even imitating us now. Scary. I really need to set a better example of what "healthy" is. So I present to you my goals of 2012!!!

1. Get healthy.
-Cut out fast food. We eat this way too much for my liking, but when you are on the go and busy, it's so easy to just grab something. I've got to nip this habit in the bud while Addi is still young enough to not miss it.
-Drink more agua. I'm cutting out diet drinks and artificial sweetners and so this doesn't leave me with a whole lot of options. Water makes me feel better, I just don't know why it's so hard for me to get my daily allowance!
-Be more active. My goal is to break a sweat once a day. Whether that be at the gym, scrubbing pots and pans or dancing with Addi. :)
-Be picky about what I eat. I owe it to myself to eat good things. I don't need to waste calories on junk.

2. Finish the half-marathon.
-Yes, you heard right. I am walking/running the Little Rock half-marathon in March. I am so nervous I'm not going to finish in the time allotted. Quitting is not an option so I am just going to have to push my physical limits. This is so exciting to me. I want to see what I'm capable of! Josh is running the full marathon, and a ton of his family will be in the race also. This makes it fun and competitive!

3. Send out birthday cards.
-I am horrible about acknowledging birthdays! I am lucky if I see it on facebook and I write a generic, Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day, type message. My friend Melissa last year sent out birthday cards to all of her friends and it was so special to get a card in the mail! I had thought about doing it this year, and then Hillary blogged about it and now I really want to!

4. Get Christmas shoppping done early.
-Christmas this year was kinda stressful as far as gift buying went. We have a large number to buy for, and even though we start early, it kinda fizzles out and then we are scrambling to finish and we get out with the crazies and it's no good. My friend Kodi had a great idea about buying throughout the year. We are going to try this and see if it works for us!

5. Start a prayer journal.
-I love to see how prayer works and it will be neat to look back and see all the answered prayers over the year.

6. Get pregnant.
-Haha! Just being honest here. Our original plans changed a bit and so now we are waiting a bit before trying again. It's nothing serious, we just need to get some insurance things figured out first. Here is something funny, Josh suggested instead of paying ridiculous hospital bills, if I would just rather have the baby at home.................I admire the heck out of women that do that, but I'm sorry, I prefer drugs! I actually watched Addi's birth video the other night and (TMI) in between pushes, I'm laughing and joking with the nurse. I loved my experience and will choose to do that route again! :)

Things I'm excited about in 2012:
-the summer Olympics
-growing Pumpkin Butter Kids
-Shark Week
-seeing if the world will end on 12/12. ;) I'm more nervous about the people that think it's ending on this day. I kind of want to hole up in the house the week before and ride out the crazy.


  1. I just started following and wanted to say HI! I, too, need to work on getting healthy and no more fast food... as I sit here eating Pringles, Ha!
    I so needed your tip in the post below about the cleanser!! Our apartment has old vinyl flooring, and I sat and scrubbed for an hour to no avail tonight. I will def be making some of that this week!
    Have a great night!

  2. I love your list. I am trying so HARD to cut diet coke outta my life, it's poison..but Its SO good!!!
    LOL about the birth thing. I thought I wanted to do that once, but yeah, I like the drugs;)
    P.S. I'm dying at how cute Addi looks in that last post! Love the outfit!!!!

  3. Great list. Number 1 is huge for me and for the same reasons. I have no desire to lose tons of weight, but I do want to start making better decisions. Giving up my Diet Dr. P habit may kill me though ;)

  4. Great goals!!! I need to set some!!! Happy New Year!


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