Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Weekend

Addi and I had a great low key weekend! Josh was deer hunting in Missouri with his dad so we were left to our own devices. I thought it was a good idea to kick start our girl's weekend with some yummy cookies!Addi thought is was GREAT when I spilled sprinkles everywhere! Haha!
Little bear didn't sleep that well, so there were lots of cuddle time in mommy's bed. With Belle Belle of course, who now runs the house apparently. ;)
We did get out Saturday to go eat lunch with the fabulous Michele.
When we got home, I decided we would decorate our gingerbread house.
Don't laugh TOO hard. I am obviously not an engineer and these houses were HARD to put together. We only got one to stand up, and then Addi just decorated the other sides. She had a fun and that's all that matters.

Lots of cocoa was consumed this weekend. :)
Monday, Addi and I did our grocery shopping. I was checking out and I kept hearing her say, "chockwet" over and over again. Didn't think anything about it, until I looked down and she had swiped a bar during checkout and was just munching it. She was so proud of herself. There is never a dull moment with this girl!
Monday night, we met up with Lila and all the kids to see Santa! Addi was tired of standing in line at this point.
Couldn't get this picture to turn, but I think it turned out really cute!!!
Afterwards, we all went out to dinner. Apparently while we were eating, Addi bought a groupon to a smoothie place called Starfruit in Chicago. NEVER DULL!!!!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. love love love her red polka dot outfit!! :)

  2. Great Christmas Photo... What a great family you all turned out to be... So much love...How they all love Addie... Warms my heart!!!
    Great Aunt jean


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