Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playdate at Sara's

Yesterday, we had a fun playdate at our friend, Sara's house! It was a joint birthday playdate for Rylan and Lily! There were fun times had by all. Sara made delicious chili, there were cupcakes and outdoor play. Addi was pumped until she saw a spider looking toy ball. Sister FLIPPED out!!! Bless her heart, she was terrified. :( I hate to see her so scared like that, but it was kinda funny just because it was a really silly looking spider. But, of course, I didn't laugh at her. :)

Sweet Lily!
Her Dad was there to throw her super high up!

LOVE these boys.
She was amazed at the little ball popper!

Addi was unsure at first what was so funny.
She then caught on and her and Harper laughed for a long time. :)
Finally, it was time for cupcakes.
Birthday pals!
Night night time!
Lily joins in on the fun.

Thank you Sara for having us over and Happy Birthday Rylan and Lily!!!

1 comment:

  1. That last pic made me did all the others. :)
    And Lily's seriously obsessed with her RC Strawberry Shortcake car! Thank you so much!!!!!


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