Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

This week has been a busy one, so I haven't had time to catch up on blog posts, so there are a couple coming up. :) We had a FABULOUS weekend! We won a golf/hotel gift certificate at the Chocolate Ball and we had planned to go this weekend. Originally, we had my aunt watching Addi, but that fell through so we decided to take her! She looked like such a prepster before we left.

We left Saturday morning for Branson and on the way we stopped at Coursey's for lunch. It's this delicious smokehouse and we had smoked turkey and cheese sandwiches that were SO good. We dropped the guys off at the golf course then headed to the Landing to do some shopping.

Addi was such a good girl while shopping. Once we got to the hotel, we hung out for a bit before going to get the guys for dinner. We found out our hotel had a sweet shoppe in it! Everything looked so good! Addi kept saying "cupcake!" Ha!

Raring to go!

Landry's for dinner. SO good.

Someone was not wanting to sit still during dinner so we had to take turns entertaining her. It's getting harder and harder to take her out to restaurants.
She's so busy!

This was the coolest hotel. At night, they show a movie down at the pool for all the kids. They were showing How to Train Your Dragon. Addi wasn't too interested in the movie, but she LOVED the pool! She screamed when we got her out.

We all slept so good that night, including Addi. She gets so worn out when she swims. :) Sunday morning, Jeanette and I had spa appointments! I was most excited about this! I got a massage and a facial and both were so wonderful. Josh and his dad took Addi swimming again while we were there. In the sauna area, I started chatting with this girl who looked about my age. Somehow, we got talking about the SEC and we both hate LSU. Haha! Such a common bond. :) We ate a yummy brunch then headed home.

Fresh peaches from a roadside stand are the BEST!!!

Thanks for bearing with me, part two is up next!

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