Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Weekend!

We had a great weekend here! We did our usual Saturday lunch with friends at Milford Track. They are always so nice and the food is always good. We left for Russellville that afternoon to go visit our good friends Mia and Evan! Evan made us some BBQ ribs and Mia made the most delicious mac and cheese and other sides to go with it. It was absolutely wonderful food and we had a blast visiting!

Addi had a good time because she got to try Cheetos for the first time. It would be an understatement to say she loved them!

Mia also made homemade banana pudding for dessert! Our diets went out the window last night! Haha!

Addi was playing in Mia's closet, and I noticed the prettiest purple top that she had in her closet. It was SO pretty and perfect that I was contemplating buying it from her. She said it was still at TJ Maxx!!! Oh my word, we couldn't have gotten up fast enough. The funniest part, was when we went to tell Josh where we were going, he was sad because he wanted to go too! So we all went! Josh loves him some TJ Maxx and we all walked out of there with some great deals.

This morning was so so great. I have been praying that we find a new church home. We love our current church, but one of the biggest problems is that the nursery during the service never has anyone working in there! They have a children's church, but it's for older kids. Addi is too busy to sit still with us in the pew, and we don't really want to go and just sit in the nursery and watch her. The other thing is our church is fairly large. We've never really gotten "plugged in" there and I know that your only as active as you make yourself, but in a church of that size, it's hard to make connections when you see a new face each Sunday. So...we went with our friend's Carson and Nichole this morning to a new church. Immediately walking in, it felt right. I know that sounds silly, but so many people said "Hi" to us or smiled and talked to Addi. We went right to the nursery since we were running a little behind and there were 6 kids in there!!! Hallelujah! It was a huge room full of toys and books and they had a little table in there where all the kids were sitting. They actually taught them a little Bible story and they sang songs to them too! It just really touched my heart that this was an answered prayer. I cannot say enough good things about the preacher and his sermon and the entire message. It was just so "right". The church isn't that big, but it's not too small either. We talked with several people after and even the preacher invited us to a Bible study at his home on Wednesday nights. Oh my word. I am just blown away by this answered prayer and I can't wait to go back next Sunday!

Sorry that was kind of a rambling little paragraph above. Haha. We have a fun week planned, but tomorrow is reserved for cleaning and laundry. :( We might have to go have lunch at Chik-Fil-A to make it better. Ha!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. You have no idea how bad I want Cheetos and a bowl of that banana pudding right this very moment. :)

    So happy you found a church that feels "right"!!

    See you Tuesday!

  2. So happy you found a church! That is a huge blessing!!! Those ribs look so yummy!!!

    And TJ Maxx is the BEST!!

  3. Where is your new church??!! :D We are looking for a church too.


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