Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few Things

Hi everyone! Hope y'all are having/had a great weekend! It is snowing here and I couldn't be more excited!!! Addi is napping right now, but when she wakes up, we are going to bundle up and go play in the snow! They are calling for 6 inches in some parts! I've got chili and cornbread to make tonight for dinner. So yum.

Anyways, I've been meaning to blog about these things for awhile, but just never had, so I thought this lazy Sunday afternoon would be a great time.

1. One of my blog friends, Taylor, opened an Etsy shop with homemade candles. I ordered Fresh Baked Pie Crust and Butter Cookies. Oh my word, these might be my favorite candles. They smell just like their description and they are good and strong so you only need to light one to smell your house. Go here to and order one! She also makes Scentsy cubes if you have one of those! She started making these to help with the cost of her chemo. She has an amazing spirit and I just love reading about her and her sweet family.

2. As many of you know, I work with the Ronald McDonald House with their events committee. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the RMH and all the good work they do. If you live in the Little Rock area, the 2011 Chocolate Ball is coming up! It is going to be held February 12, at the Peabody. There will be music, dancing, food and drinks, a live auction plus a silent auction, and of course....piles and piles of CHOCOLATE. Email me for details!

3. A couple of weekends ago we were in Searcy at Scott and Jeanette's. Josh's aunt and uncle and cousins from New York were in town visiting so we went and had dinner. At one point during the night, I looked around for Addi and I saw Scott standing by the doorway of the bathroom just looking in. I immediately knew Addi was getting into something.

What cracked me up the most was this next picture.

All the men thought it was so cute, they needed to take pictures. Ha!

4. A few weeks ago we had lunch with some of Josh's co-workers and her son. Addi loved David and they kept giving each other hugs. It was so sweet!

5. This was a Christmas gift I got from Josh's grandma. I'm not sure exactly how she makes them, but she does MANY designs and she uses a drill bit. Whatever she does, I LOVE it!!!

6. Can't end a post without a smiley Addi pic.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll be back to blog about ours soon!


  1. You always know somethings up if they are being "Too Quiet" ha! Miss Addi is so cute!

  2. Connor is obsessed with the toilet paper right now! He does not understand why he can't unroll it when he sees me doing it everyday! Ha

  3. Can't wait to see snowy Addi pics! Lily, however, did NOT like it. :)


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