Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lunch Date

Today, me and Addi went and had a girl's lunch at Scallion's with Sara and Lola. Sara is a blog friend, turned real life friend, since we met today! Haha! Lola is her little girl, and she is a month older than Addi. Lola is such a sweetheart!
Addi wanted Sara to hold her most of the time!

The girl's were "talking" to each other here, so cute!

We had so much fun during our girl's lunch! Thanks so much Sara and Lola for a great time!

After lunch, I got the birthday invites mailed! Huge relief and a major thing I've been stressing about! I thought Addi was ready to take another nap when we got home, but she was much more interested in playing!

I made these for dinner. They are called Croque Monsieur's. Please make them and experience the joy of gruyere and butter. Don't worry I hit the gym tonight to cancel out calories, haha!

I'm putting up my fall decorations tonight!!! Yay!!! Hope y'all had a great day!!!

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  1. We had so much fun too! I hope we can meet up again! After I got in the car I thought of a 100 different things we could have talked about, but I was a little nervous.. Thanks again!


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