Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

We had a wonderfully lazy weekend...finally! On Friday, me and Addi took another LONG nap and then ran a couple of errands. Later that afternoon, Whitney came and visited us! We had a great time talking and she tried to get Addi to walk some towards her. Whitney has the most adorable baby bump ever. I can't wait to meet Cade!

That night we went to Cantina Laredo for dinner with some of our friends! The scariest thing happened at dinner. I gave Addi a chip to snack on when we sat down, the next thing I know she is coughing really hard and turning red, so I started to pat her on the back and she was still coughing, then she threw up a massive amount. I was so worried about her that I just quickly put the throw up in a napkin then scooped her out of her high chair and hugged her for awhile. Of course, I was on the verge of tears because Addi has never thrown up that much, but she just started smiling at me. Ha! After that, we had a delicious dinner and then me and Whitney went to go see Eclipse! It was just as good the second time around! Here is Addi in her festive Mexican dress!

On Saturday, Josh was very sweet and let me sleep in since Addi had gotten up a couple of times the night before. I slept till 9:30, then went back to sleep during Addi's morning nap! We took a family nap and it was the best. We were all cuddled up listening to the rain, it was perfect. :)
We got up and got ready to go eat lunch at Milford Track!!! As soon as we were about to walk out the door it just opened up and started pouring! We decided to wait a bit and let most of it pass.

We had a DELICIOUS lunch. It's been far too long since we've been there! We definitely missed it.

We came back home and were happy to see Scott, Jeanette, Jonathon and Amber waiting at our front door with our new loveseat! Us girls (minus Addi because she was needing ANOTHER nap) went to TJ Maxx! I had a gift card and found a super cute khaki linen shift dress that is perfect for summer and will be a good layering dress for fall! When we got home, Addi was still asleep and I was feeling tired so I went and took a little nap too. Look at how sweet she is!

I finally had to wake Addi up at 5:45 to get ready for dinner. I guess she's going through another growth spurt, that's why she's so sleepy. Addi LOVED Jonathon! She just kept crawling over to him so he would hold her. Ha!

We went to eat dinner at Maddie's Place. Addi was perfectly happy eating all the saltines that were on the table. Of course she flirted with everyone in the restaurant, but the funniest thing happened. Our waitress came by to ask if we were doing okay and Addi at that moment was double fisting the saltines. She shoved them in her mouth then reached her arms up to the waitress so she would hold her! We cracked up! They walked over to the kitchen and said hi to everyone back there.

When we got home I gave Addi a bath and got her ready for bed, while Josh and Kyle went to rent a movie!

After I got Addi to sleep, we watched Book of Eli and ate way to much candy. The movie was VERY good! We loved it, it's a little rough, but it has a really surprising twist at the end!

On Sunday, Addi slept in till 9! We got around and went to church and heard a great sermon. After church, we came home and I got Addi down for a nap and Josh went to go get lunch. We had Whole Hog, soooo good! The boys watched the World Cup final that afternoon while I started cleaning.

I figured I had enough of a break. Ha! Even though it took me almost all afternoon/evening to finish cleaning there is nothing more satisfying than going to bed and knowing your house is clean!

Hope all of you had a great weekend!


  1. Lily choked on the tiniest piece of Dorito once, and I freaked out and had a mild panic attack and probably peed myself a little as she threw up all over us. I still have flashbacks to that moment, and now I intend to mash her food up into itty bitty pieces 'til she's thirty. :) Glad Addi's a-ok!
    Mmmmm pretzel M&Ms, by the way!

  2. Uh yes...that bag of M&M's lasted through the opening credits of the movie.

  3. The choking thing is so scary. I'm a total mess when we start feeding the kids solids cause it scares me. We had a few moments like that at dinner. Anna-Kate was worse cause she had chronic reflux as a baby. Eventually they grow up and eat way more than you even want them too!!


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