Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lizard Inc.

So this morning I was doing laundry when out of the corner of my eye something darts out beside me. I look down (actually first I gasped something fierce) and saw it was a teeny little lizard! Surprisingly, I'm not afraid of lizards, I think they are kinda cute.

I brought Dixie in there to see what she would do, but she kept trying to run away because she thought she was in trouble. Yesterday I beat the tar out of her for peeing on Addi's new rug. Anyways, so I moved the box to try and shoo him out the doggy door but he darted into the kitchen and has since disappeared!
Addi was in such a great mood when she woke up from her nap. I kept saying, "cheese!" and she would give me the biggest grin! I think she knows now to smile if I bring out the camera.

Will someone please tell me that their living room looks the same? Geez!

After all the laundry was finished...

We headed to Searcy!!!

Our first stop was Hay's. Grandpa met us there and watched Addi for me while I shopped. They found this super cute chair and I found a great pair of jeans and a cute razorback tshirt!

After we got done shopping, we headed out to the house to swim. Addi was a little tired at this point and threw a fit when she couldn't get to the cat who was laying outside the door.

Addi LOVED the water this time! She was even trying to dunk herself. It was the craziest thing, she would try to stick her face in the water and then splash her arms around. Rhen and me were cracking up!

We headed home after swimming and Addi slept the whole way. For dinner we went with Treece, Noah, and Kyle to 5 guys. We LOVE that place.

Addi was a toot all through dinner. She even spilled a whole drink in my lap while I was holding her. It startled her because it was so cold so she started crying! My pants were SOAKED. Josh finally got her calm and she was entertained by this book for awhile.

When we got home the boys went downstairs to talk about fantasy football (ridiculously early I know) and me and Treece watched season 2 of Laguna Beach. It's the best ever.
It did take us forever to get Addi down tonight. It took me 3 tries, Treece tried once and then Josh tried a total of 3 and was the one that finally got her down. Sheesh! Oh and over the monitor we would hear Addi saying, "momma, momma, MAMMMAMMMAMAAAMMMA!!!!!" It was very very sweet. The boys even said she was saying, "mommy" at one point. Melts my heart!
Hope y'all had a great day!

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