Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Weekend

We just got done with a wonderful and busy weekend! It seems like life is going by so fast right now, Addi will be 8 months old tomorrow and we are almost in June! Where has the time gone?! I also can't believe I'm going to be 25 in a couple of weeks. I just think that is such a weird thing, I'm five years away from 30. Not that that's old, but I just have never envisioned myself in my 30's. Anyways, on to our weekend!
So, Friday night we had Andrew and Janelle's going away party. I am so sad they are leaving in a few weeks for Oklahoma, but I'm glad we got everyone together one last time! The girl's started out at Solemates in the Pleasant Ridge Towncenter. Solemates is an incredible shoe store that is so cute. The inside is super girly with pink walls and a really pretty chandelier and of course, shoes. We got to have a private party there and had the whole store to ourselves! They had food and wine set out for us and just let us go wild trying on shoes! We had a blast and everyone walked away with a great pair of shoes.

After our shoe party, we met up with all the boys at Salut for dinner. We got to sit outside and it was such a nice night! We had so much fun at dinner, the boys sat at one side and the girl's sat on the other. It was probably a good thing, because I'm sure the boys didn't want to hear about childbirth and some of the other topics of conversations we were talking about! Haha! The original plan was to go dancing somewhere after dinner, but I'm sad to say we are all getting old and everyone was tired and wanted to go to bed! Ha!
Saturday morning, after Addi went down for her morning nap, me and Scott and Jeanette went and looked at furniture. We were both looking for chair and a half's. I found one at Ashley's and then we went to Direct Buy to order it. I also found a rug for Addi's room! You don't know how happy that made me! I've been looking for that child a rug since I picked out her baby bedding last year! I didn't want to pay $300 for one from Pottery Barn, but this one was half the price and just as cute.

After we got done, we went and ate lunch at Greekfest which was a block from our old apartments. Not far from our house, but far enough not to drive. We took Dixie with us too, and she was so excited to get to go somewhere. We ate so much y'all. We got gyros, chicken and pork kebabs, lamb and pita bread and LOTS of baklava. They had baklava sundaes this year and I ate myself sick on one. But it was so good! Addi wore her little Greek/Mexican dress to be festive. Bless her heart she was sweating so much. We got her in the shade pretty fast and gave her some water and then I let her try my ice cream and of course she loved it!

Addi was pooped after all that Greek food, so she took a good nap Saturday afternoon, which means, we took a good nap too. Saturday evening we went to Elizabeth and Jonathan's wedding. It was in a beautiful Catholic church in downtown Little Rock. The ceremony was so neat and Elizabeth looked absolutely gorgeous. I am embarrassed to say that I started crying when she walked down the aisle. I just started thinking about how one day that will be Addi and I just got real emotional. Haha!

Sunday morning we went to early service and heard a great sermon. We sent Addi to the nursery about halfway through, I thought she was going to make it the whole time, but she got restless after I stopped giving her melts. She was fussing when we went and got her, which hasn't happened before, she is usually playing and having a great time. I chalked it up to her being ready for a nap, so when we got home I laid her down. She woke up about 45 minutes later and acted like she wanted to play so me and Emma played with her for about 10 minutes before she started fussing again. I would try to lay her down, but she would roll around in her crib as soon as I put her in there, so I just waited till after lunch to try and put her down again. She was so tired because she slept for 2 1/2 hours during her afternoon nap! Which means, I slept for almost 2 hours this afternoon. It was wonderful! Except, I kept having weird dreams that I thought were reality and I wasn't sure what was going on. For example, I would be dreaming that I heard Addi wake up and I would go get her, but it was a dream! It was so weird. After our naps, we went swimming at Treece and Noah's. Addi didn't want anything to do with the water. It was kinda cold so anytime her feet would touch she would cry. So we sat on a lounge chair and ate some crunchies and read peek a who ten times.

Addi was just a toot for the rest of the night. She wouldn't let me put her down for anything and just cried during her bath and while we were putting her pj's on. She was exhausted, poor thing. Anyways, so that was our weekend! This upcoming week I plan on finishing the guest room and sewing alot with Emma! Hope your weekend was great!

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