Monday, July 7, 2014

Great Wolf-Part 1

Last week, we went on vacation with Josh's family to great wolf lodge. Addi had her last day of princess art camp that morning, then we hit the road!
The kids did really great on the drive and as soon as we got there, addi got started on the quest.
The "wolf den" we stayed in was so cool!

Dinner that night. Wolf ears for everyone!

The next morning, we were having breakfast and the "characters" came by. Rhett lost his mind. I've never seen him get so excited!!!
Serious questing went on this day!
More character time.

Addi loves Kason.
The arcade was so cool.

Dinner that night at salt grass. Bubba filled up on brisket and queso!
Both kids slept incredibly well on this trip and I was so relieved! Addi at Rhett's age was a terrible sleeper while traveling. Yay Rhett! 

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  1. I almost signed Amelia up for Princess Camp too, but wasn't sure she would stay since she didn't know anyone...wish I had signed her up now! Great Wolf looks like such a fun place...I want to take the girls someday. Rhett's excitement over the characters is hilarious!


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