Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daily Shenanigans

Tuesday morning, the kids went to work after breakfast building towers. Rhett was in charge of demolition. ;)
During his nap, addi made herself a shirt! She picked out the design she wanted, what fabrics and even pushed the buttons! 
So cute and so proud!
I've been testing out new bread recipes the last couple weeks and yesterday's turned out really really good. 
And the house smelled delicious. 
Rhett thought my "Anna" hair was funny. :)
I got to cuddle sweet baby Avery last night! So precious.
Addi wanted to be a baby too. Haha.
Today, we went to the wonder place! It was Rhett's first time there. He had a blast. 
Addi is an old pro and ran around from thing to thing and had so much fun. 

Some of Rhett's first birthday supplies came in today. :( it's still over two months away, but it just can't be happening this fast. He's still 3 months in my mind. 
I also got the naked3 palette in the mail! I'm excited to try these. They look a lot rosier than the other palettes and I like that.
Dinner tonight! Delicious Pinterest creation. Super good!
Hope y'all had a good one! 

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