Friday, January 3, 2014

California Part 1

In effort of being a better blogger this year, I thought I would recap our recent trip out west! We left Christmas Day for San Diego. I told josh next Christmas we are staying home all day and not leaving. Ha! 

Addi was so excited for the plane ride. She is our seasoned traveler. :)
Rhett was his usual hot mess self. And I forgot to pack a bottle. A BOTTLE. Thank goodness I had thrown a sippy cup from his stocking into my bag at the last minute. We made due with that. 
Our 3 1/2 hour stressed out flight faces. Except I couldn't stop laughing.
Addi, bravo for being such a good traveler. 
Rhett, your still a baby so you get a pass. ;) he actually didn't cry any, but he was so so tired. He would yell randomly and was constantly moving. On the flight to San Diego he fell asleep on me before take off. Ha!
Josh has a cousin that let us stay at their house while we were there. They left for vacation the day we got there. It was such a cool house and they also have small kids so we had plenty of toys and carseats! Such a blessing!

Speaking of blessings.....
We spent a day at the San Diego zoo. It was fun! Huge and kinda overwhelming but fun!
That evening, we went to Brent's parents house for the rehearsal and dinner. Their house is truly amazing. The garden was just stunning. 
We all loved the easy access to oranges! Many were eaten. 
Nan was so gorgeous! Addi loved her scarf. 
Next up, wedding recap and LA! 

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